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CAST: Mark Barto, Randy Romero, Rocky James, Rod Hammer, Russ Dodd, Santino,


RELEASE DATE: 12/1/2010

Watching CANADIAN MUSCLE DANCERS is like having the muscle hunk of your choice take it off, work it hard, and rub it in your face. They strut. They strip. They sweat. And they put it right where you want it. In CANADIAN MUSCLE DANCERS #5, Rocky James, Rod Hammer, Randy Romero, and Santino work their asses and your nerves stripping down to bulging crotch T-Backs and bare butts. Then Mark Barto and Russ Dodd give you all they`ve got stripping all the way down to totally naked hard muscular majesty. Get your favorite muscle dancer stripped just to where you want him. Now hit slo-mo. Now hit freeze-frame. Now take care of business. That`s what these muscle boys are working their asses off for... your personal private pleasure. All these studs have wrestled for you. Now they make it personal. You decide which one works the hardest for you, and you decide how he gets rewarded. Not satisfied? Rewind and make him do it again... and again.

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