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CAST: Jimmy Royce, Tom Flex, Doug Davis, Beau Hopkins, Chuck Young, Jason Xtreme, Justin Xtreme, Wyld Child, Dirk Shannon, John Badd,


RELEASE DATE: 10/12/2004

BOUT #1: JIMMY ROYCE VS. FLEX: Jimmy strikes first. He slaps on a combination full nelson and body scissors and Flex can't get out so easy. Please note that Jimmy's heels are digging into Flex's crotch, undoubtedly coming into full contact with his cock. So Flex is getting pressure from all sides and even though he holds out for an incredibly long time providing beautiful closeups in all areas for the camera, he eventually has to submit. He rolls Flex over on to his back, Jimmy reaches out and gives him a stinging slap to his pecs. The third fall ends when Flex's legs slip and suddenly go into a "splits" position. This is an incredible looking visual. There is no way he can extricate himself from this awkward position. Jimmy has scored a major wrestling upset. BOUT #2: FLEX VS. DOUG DAVIS: Flex is very good at being a dominant wrestler and throwing those touches of humiliation against his opponent along the way, like ass slapping and sitting on one's chest and shoving a crotch nearly on top of ones face. Flex eventually puts a very tough full nelson hold on Doug and bears down. When Flex exerts all of his 200# strength on a lighterweight like Doug Davis, you can imagine he'll feel it. He does. He submits! Doug keeps coming back for more even though it is a losing battle. Flex takes his own sweet time and the Doug Davis humiliation factor is really cranked up in this fall. Like poking an oil laden finger into his mouth, slapping his face, knuckle rubbing his forehead, and a wonderful closeup foot scene in which his toes are bent, squeezed and spread. BOUT #3: beau HOPKINS VS. CHUCK YOUNG: Beau is incredibly handsome, super body with mounds of muscle in all the right places, huge crotch, bountiful buns - and he suffers so sublimely. Chuck Young is one tough mother-fucker. In both verbal and physical action Chuck Young is a dominator. Beau's trunks when they become oil soaked provide visual treats that will blow your mind and perhaps something else. Never in all your born days have you seen anything as sexy as Beau Hopkins sliding around in oil. All his considerable assets are highlighted and magnified. He never has a chance. He is maneuvered totally at the will of the super aggressive Chuck Young. BOUT #4: JASON VS. JUSTIN XTREME: These guys have deep experience in amateur wrestling and some experience at pro wrestling. Thus we're in for a bit of a treat when they grapple exclusively freestyle in their opening fall and pretty much pro in the last two. Both have beautifully defined lighter weight muscular bodies. Justin appears in black trunks, Jason in purple. The younger brother, Jason, wins the very competitive first round with a cobra clutch type of hold. Justin can't shake it, even with grease. Lots of flying elbows, body smashes, punches highlight the second fall. You'll see more holds in this bout than flying elbows, interesting reversals, and the stunner at the end when Justin puts his brother into a figure four leglock and lets out a howling submission. BOUT #5: JOHN BADD VS. DIRK SHANNON AND WYLD CHILD: John Badd, originally from southern California, and a physique title winner there, is a perfect "one". He's up against two gorgeously handsome and beautifully muscular opponents. Wyld Child (his dance handle) is a very handsome and aggressive babyface kind of grappler with a pleasing muscular swimmers build. Dirk Shannon has a classically handsome face atop a chiseled muscular body. You may fall for both of these guys in a very big way. The bout opens up with three classic self-oiling scenes. Guess which one has had the most experience in erotic entertaining. Whew! The object of this bout is to get John Badd to submit to whatever Shannon and Wyld Child want to do to him, but he's a handful and he's not going down easy in fact the outcome of this bout, which goes to 3 falls, may surprise you. Wyld Child wears black trunks, Dirk (lucky for us) wears a thong, and John appears in brief red trunks.

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