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CAST: Chuck Young, Paul Perris, Jeff Steel, Ricky Romero, Dirk Shannon,Jimmy Dean


RELEASE DATE: 3/12/2009

BOUT #1: BEAU HOPKINS VS. JOHNNY LIGHTNING: For substance wrestling connoisseurs it can`t get much better than this. Our desire to see Lightning crush Beau in the first fall is thwarted when Beau unexpectedly takes a more aggressive posture. Johnny falls victim to a seated surfboard. Is Beau tired of being the Canadian musclehunk punching boy? Not to fear. Johnny, humiliated that he lost a fall at all to Hopkins, comes back strong in the second, catching the big musclehunk in a crushing body scissors. In the third and final fall Johnny starts to attack Beau`s muscle plated stomach. Every chance he gets he punches, kicks or stomps Hopkin`s stomach. He also chokes him, head butts him and mistreats him as often and as badly as possible. By the time Lightning sits on Hopkin`s stomach and clamps down with a stomach claw, Beau`s abs have sustained such damage that he gives up pretty damn fast. To see these beautiful glistening in grease musclehunks rolling around in the oil pit is a visual delight you`ll carry with you into your dreams as well as fantasies.

Bout #2: CHUCK YOUNG VS. PAUL PERRIS: Chuck appears in a thong, Paul grapples in brief trunks. Paul Perris has a crotch and ass that will command your attention. The experienced bad boy dominates much of the first fall, though you will see Perris providing him with competition. Through a combination of a choke and body scissors he manages to squeeze out a submission. You`ll notice some difference between Paul`s aggressiveness in the first fall from that in the second. He comes in more confident of what can be done and what he can do. He has gotten his feet "wet", ah... Er.... "Greased", so to speak. We are treated to more use of his fantastic legs. He connects two or three good karate kicks to Young. In a much more even second fall Paul Perris takes the victory with a surfboard. In the third fall both are even more aggressive with each other. Their fighting jabs and punches have more oomph and contact. There are more kicks from Perris. There is one beautiful one where Perris feints to Young`s head. Young moves to protect himself, but like Lightning, Perris shoots a kick to his belly. Young collapses. It`s a toss-up as to who will win but Young moves once again to the choke as Perris`s legs spread out.

BOUT #3: JEFF STEEL VS. RICKY ROMERO: This is Jeff`s debut bout in Canadian Musclehunk oil wrestling. He goes up against an equally muscular opponent: Ricky Romero. Both wear brief bikinis. This is a very verbal matchup with Jeff taking the lead. Jeff has actual pro ring experience in Canada and although it is very hard to successfully do this style of wrestling in oil he gives it his best shot. In the first fall it isn`t good enough because Ricky Romero makes him give in to a surfboard. Jeff comes back to take the second fall with a hold that puts pressure on Romero`s lower back and throat areas. Jeff`s more in depth pro experience gives him an edge. In the third fall he secures Romero`s submission in a figure four leglock. If you like two very nearly naked muscular men wrestling in a pond of oil, Rubbing their greasy bodies constantly together in a variety of holds, seeing the oil glisten off their muscularity in motion, you will love this whole tape as well as this matchup.

BOUT #4: DIRK SHANNON VS. JIMMY DEAN: Jimmy Dean is pleasingly muscular, with a smooth upper body, lightly hairy legs and ass, and a gorgeously shaped bubble butt. In the first fall the two grapplers fence around a bit, testing each other, experimenting with different holds. Feeling very confident and mischievous, Jimmy Dean at the opening of the third fall gives Shannon`s trunks a big wedge into the crack of his ass. Once again the wrestlers, and especially Dirk Shannon, continue to put each other into imaginative pretzel-like holds. Shannon, towards the end of the third fall, starts to concentrate his activity on weakening Dean`s lower back area. Through a series of over the knee backbreakers and sexy lifts off the mat, Dean finally has to submit. Shannon appears in regular lime colored trunks, Dean in a polka dot thong.

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