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CAST: Peter Genilli, Eddie Ramos, Rocky James, Steve Arnold, Jimmy Royce, Paul Perris, Billy Banes, Johnny Lightning,


RELEASE DATE: 2/22/2010

BOUT #1: PAUL PERRIS VS. EDDIE RAMOS: Perris: 5`10", 175#, 21. Ramos: 5`8", l50#, 22. Eddie is Filipino, and like Paul Perris, he has a beautifully defined body. Seeing the two of them mesh together in oil is like watching a symphony of muscle in tune. What melody! The wrestling is slow, deliberate, almost sensual. Holds are applied, kept, reversed. Sheer muscle strength often is used to reverse a bad situation, especially by Paul. Paul comes out on top in the first fall with a slow and squeezing full nelson/body scissors combo. Sort of like squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube. When Eddie gets tired of being squeezed in this fashion he gives up. Paul victory poses on top of Eddie who looks to be well spent. Even though Eddie puts up a good struggle and gets a hold or two in the final fall, it`s pretty much Paul in command. Paul applies a unique and luscious crotch/leg split along the way. When he karate kicks Eddie and then applies a figure four head scissors, it`s all over for the lightweight Filipino. Paul gives us a double biceps victory pose.

BOUT #2: STEVE ARNOLD VS. PETER GENILLI: Arnold: 5`8", 215#, 22. Genilli: 5`11", 190#, 23. At 215# and 5`8" Steve is a big muscIehunk, that`s for sure! He applies oil to his body he says to you through the camera, "Have you ever seen anyone so beautiful?" Now that is self assured bravado. Steve loves to wrestle. He loves to verbalize. Nothing makes him happier than to show off his body in a wrestling match - oil or dry, it doesn`t matter. He has a good time doing either. Peter Genilli is a dark, handsome Italian, with wonderful muscle definition. Steve wears his usual tiny little yellow physique posing trunks. Peter is clad in very form fitting and sexy purple trunks. He`s got quite the crotch on him. Plus he`s got that kind of lower back muscle and cute butt combination that make watching him from the rear a total delight. Crotch and ass watchers will be in hog heaven in this match. In the first fall you`ll love it when Peter is trapped between Steve`s huge thighs. He appears to be like a fish on a hook - all floppy and in pain!

BOUT #3: ROCKY JAMES VS. BILLY BANES: James: 5`8", 190#, 22. Banes: 5`10", 155#, 19. Billy puts up a good fight, but you can tell he`s going down slowly but surely. By the time Rocky James decides to pin him and count him out at the end of the first fall, Billy is toast. Rocky counts to five, then moves away in disgust, as if to say `Get me some better competition`. For Billy Banes, the second and last fall isn`t much better. He manages to keep Rocky at bay for the first few minutes of the fall but pretty soon his strength has evaporated and he ends up simply being a "plaything" of the bigger guy. The last submission is a doozy. Rocky sits atop Billy`s chest. He sinks his fingers into Billy`s forehead, gripping the back of his opponent`s head with his other hand. Billy holds out for awhile but there is no way he is not going to submit. Even after he does Rocky punishes him some more with the same hold. The look of victory on Rocky`s face as he does a victory pose is one of pure satisfaction.

BOUT #4: JOHNNY LIGHTNING VS. JIMMY ROYCE: Lightning: 5`10", 190#, 22. Royce: 5`10`, 180#, 22. Johnny wrestles in a brief print bikini, and Jimmy in his usual "into the butt" slippery blue briefs. Surprisingly, except for a few brief moments, its Johnny Lightning who is mostly in control in the first fall. And it`s Jimmy Royce who yells out his pained submission when Johnny applies a figure four leglock. But we have come to acknowledge over the months the status of Jimmy Royce as a beautiful sufferer - both to hear and to see. And who better than to inflict the suffering that Johnny Lightning. Guess what happens in the last fall. Bedtime for Jimmy! It`s a very hot sequence that has the muscular Jimmy slowly going down, ever so slowly. His well muscled body becomes totally useless as he sinks to the mat in total darkness. Johnny slaps him until he wakes up after having given us a victory pose. Johnny Lightning`s winning streak continues.

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