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CAST: Cliff Conlin, Paul Perris, Steve Arnold, Doug Brandon, Dean Christian, Peter Genilli,


RELEASE DATE: 2/22/2010

Bout #1: Cliff Conlin vs. Paul Perris:
Conlin: 5`10", 175#, 20.
Perris: 5`10",180#, 21.
The two wrestlers engage in some very good give and take throughout the first few minutes of the bout. Scissor fans will like all the cross body-scissors holds used by both wrestlers. Towards the end of the first fall Cliff begins to take charge. He`s looking for that one hold to which Paul Perris will submit. It`s one good hold after another as he first traps one Perris limb, then an other, then a pair, and so on. Cliff finally dials up the right submission combination and wins the first fall a little easier than we thought he would. But close-in "on the mat" wrestling is right up Cliff Conlin`s capable alley. Paul does get off to a good start in the second fall with a leg sweep and a cross bodyscissors, and a double hammer. But Cliff turns things around with a blatant throat choke, switching then to an arm stretch. You`ll be witness to some very nice Paul Perris wrestling tie-ups throughout this second fall, and into the third.

Bout #2: Steve Arnold vs. Dynamite Doug Brandon:
Arnold: 5`8", 210#, 22 yo.
Brandon: 6`, 190#, 19 yo.
Steve Arnold is a real arrogant talker when he has the upper hand. But when he`s the victim of painful holds, all he can do is yell in pain. Doug`s answer to Steve in that hold is an eye rake. Doug is at some disadvantage weight wise and his height doesn`t help all that much in oil wrestling. Maneuvering a huge pile of muscle around a pro ring isn`t all that easy, and it has to be even more difficult in an oil pit. When Steve slaps on his body scissors and locks it down tight, the strength is slowly sapped from Doug Brandon. Doug`s dynamite fuse has been drowned in oil. Thus when Arnold picks him up and slaps the bearhug on Doug`s already sapped and drooping body it`s a fairly easy submission. Dynamite is obviously good in the pro ring, but is he out of his league in the oil pit? In the third fall Brandon lets out all the stops in his continuous assault on Steve Arnold, and by the time Arnold is ready to submit to Brandon`s behind the head cross leg nelson which ties up his arms and neck at the same time, he is mutty putty. A little submission hold knowledge can go a long way in dealing with muscled giants like Steve Arnold. A very good matchup between two very good wrestlers.

Bout #3: Dean Christian vs. Peter Genilli:
Christian: 5`9", 200#, 29 yo.
Genilli: 5`11", 190#, 23 yo.
This is a good physical matchup with the edge in strength probably going to Dean Christian. Both grapplers really get into this contest verbally, so for those where too much sound coming from the wrestler`s mouth is a bother, turn down the sound. Peter Genilli finds out just how strong Dean Christian is throughout the first fall. Dean is a limb twister. He loves nothing more than to twist and secure arms and legs. He is also a forearm smasher and Genilli`s body feels the brunt of these blows. Genilli really feels Christian`s superior strength when he has to submit to a body crushing full nelson/body scissors combination. Peter`s brief trunks started the oil wrestling bout in their normal place but by the time he is defeated and laid out on the mat, stomach down, much of the material has disappeared up the crack of his ass.

Bout #4: Dynamite Doug Brandon vs. Cliff Conlin:
Brandon: 6`, 190#, 19 yo.
Conlin: 5`10", 175#, 20 yo.
Both Doug and Cliff consulted and they agreed, for their match, to make the wins by pin or submission, the pin to be counted out by the opponent with one slap to the mat. But in order to make it stick for a win by pin the shoulders would have to obviously be seen by the video to be on the mat for awhile. These two are expert grapplers and any video match with either one of these two in it can always be counted on to be a very entertaining bout to watch. Thus with both of them together in the oil pit, this matchup is doubly entertaining to view. Cliff and Doug do not shy away from brutalizing the other. Ball bashes, punching, excruciatingly painful holds - all are fair game in an effort for one to be a winner.

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