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CAST: Beau Hopkins, Danny Lee (James Blond), Duff Robertson, Jimmy Royce, Santino, Steve Sterling, Vic Silver,


RELEASE DATE: 7/20/2009

Bout #1: Steve Sterling vs Johnny lightning:
Sterling: 5` 6", 185#, 22 yo.
Lightning 5`10", 190#, 21 yo.

Steve is wearing lime green trunks and white boots, Johnny is wearing white trunks and black boots. After trading full nelsons, Steve backs Lightning into the corner and starts to punch out the bigger stud. A series of punches, a beal out of the corner, and Johnny is lying on the mat audibly suffering. Steve jumps on him and applies his fearsome body scissors. Johnny reverses and secures a headlock. He body slams the former Mr. Teen America, falls on him with a flying elbow, goes for a dynamite arm bar and headlock, sneaking in an eye rake. Thinking that Sterling is weakening he lifts him to his feet. From out of nowhere comes a belly punch that deflates and lays out Lightning on the mat faster than you can say "twinkie!" Both wrestlers are tough, both can dish and take punishment. Neither has the upper hand for long.

Bout #2: Steve Sterling vs. Beau Hopkins:
Steve Sterling: 5`6", 185#, 22 yo.
Beau Hopkins: 5`11", 205#, 21 yo.

No one wrestler from Canadian Musclehunk #1 was more popular than Beau Hopkins. A face to die for, buns of death, muscularity for days, and a schlong of huge promise that teases and titillates underneath those orange trunks. Beau Hopkins knows he is handsome and good-looking. He knows how to show it so you`ll appreciate it. Yet, off camera and/or off-stage, he is painfully shy and this shyness shows through loud and clear in his wrestling ability. We should mention that Beau Hopkins looks incredibly delicious in his brief orange trunks that show off a promising crotch. He also wears white pro boots. He comes out of his corner looking so childishly optimistic. Isn`t it wonderful when that optimism is totally cut-down and he ends up suffering a trash job as complete as any you might see in a punishment or squash job video. For those into seeing big musclehunks trashed and bashed, this one sided affair is your red meat. And Steve Sterling takes his own sweet time with the job, not hurrying and seeming to enjoy every moment.

Bout #3: Jimmy Royce vs. Duff Robertson:
Royce: 5`10", 180#, 22 yo.
Robertson: 5`11", 205#, 28 yo.

Jimmy is a little more experienced and has a decidedly more aggressive personality. He`s also got a great body and the Can-Am look: super cut and very sexy muscularity. Washboard abs, buns of steel beautifully shaped, handsome face, great legs, good crotch. He`s up against a bigger and more experienced wrestler in Duff Robertson, a 205# classic musclehunk also making his Can-Am debut. Small waist, wide lats, buns like bowling balls, great pecs and arms, classically handsome. Jimmy Royce wears a white pair of the sexiest undergear (with matching boots) we`ve seen in a long time. Duff Robertson wears as tiny a pair of blue wrestling trunks (with matching boots) as only he could get away with. Buns for days!

Bout #4: James Blond vs. Santino:
James Blond: 6`0", 205#, 23 yo.
Robertson: 5`8", 190#, 24 yo.

Hair alert! Those into hairy chests will love Santino. What a matchup this is! The smooth James Blond vs. the dark and hairy Santino. Both grapplers wear minimal gear that shows lots of ass. Santino establishes himself as a villain early on, but big James Blond is no one to trifle with. He`s not a job boy who rolls over at the first sign of pain.

Bout #5: Vic "The Mongoose" Silver vs. Jimmy Royce:
Vic Silver: 5`7", 182#, 33 yo.
Jimmy Royce: 5`10", 180#, 22 yo.

Vic Silver never looked better. Lots of newly defined muscle. He appears in blue trunks and black boots. Jimmy Royce is back in his hot looking white undergear with white boots. Jimmy has lots of spunk as you saw in his bout against Duff Robertson, but in this match against Vic Silver he`s in way over his head. Vic toys, and torments the youngster to the max. Vic is obviously enjoying himself throughout the whole bout as he throws, tosses, and trips up the young rookie.

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