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CAST: Jason Xtreme, Jimmy Dean, Troy Lucas, Justin Xtreme, Beau Hopkins, Paul Perris, Jimmy Royce, Ed Harte, Johnny Lightning,


RELEASE DATE: 2/27/2009

BOUT #1: JOHNNY LIGHTNING VS. PAUL PERRIS: Remember that scene in a movie with Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits while engaged in a martial arts kind of meditation on the hills above Hong Kong? Pretty impressive! In warm-up pre-match exercises Paul Perris does a similar stretch. If Johnny Lightning is impressed he doesn`t show it and flattens Perris with a drop-kick at the opening bell. Johnny wrestles in a thong and blue boots, Paul in yellow trunks and black boots. This selection of trunks show lots of hot crotch. Perris takes all of what Lightning has to dish out, comes back with some neat reversals and dishes out some punishment of his own. At one point Lightning has him in a body scissors. You`ll love the way Lightning`s huge muscular thighs flex while Perris squirms. But as you`ll see several times throughout this bout, Paul Perris is one strong motherfucker. He finally is able to pry his way out of what seemed to be a pretty strong trap. Impressive! At this point Johnny goes after Perris with a vengeance. He concentrates on Paul`s abs and by the time Perris is forced over a Lightning knee and finds Johnny`s fingers digging in to him, his abs are so sore and beaten, he has to submit.

BOUT #2: JASON XTREME VS. JIMMY DEAN: In this bout you`ll really see the pro experience Jason Xtreme has had, and he is a nasty one as young, wet behind the ears rookie, 18 yo Jimmy Dean, finds out in his first pro matchup. Jimmy has had high school wrestling experience, as has Jason, but Jimmy suffers from a lack of pro experience. Jason Xtreme squashes him in the first fall. It`s a total one sided squash from start to finish. Jimmy never has a chance. The finisher is kind of neat. Jimmy is thrown through the ring ropes. He`s out on the apron. Jason reaches through and, using the ropes as leverage, secures a surfboard hold. Jimmy submits. Jimmy appears in white trunks and white boots. Jason in yellow trunks and black boots. This is a very nice and entertaining pro matchup including the debut of a wrestler that may prove to be very popular, hot, teen Jimmy Dean. You who like lighter weight wrestlers will love these 150-155#`ers.

BOUT #3: TROY LUCAS VS. JUSTIN XTREME: Troy Lucas is yet another Canadian musclehunk grappler we feel is going to be very popular. They just keep coming! Troy was a champion wrestler in his high school and college days and even though he is some distance from that time, he is 27 now, he still retains a lot of his freestyle grappling knowledge. When we suggested that he try his hand at pro, he said, "sure, piece of cake!" However, what he didn`t realize was that we were putting him up against a nasty pro grappler, Justin Xtreme. And, as he finds out, pro ain`t like freestyle.

BOUT #4: BEAU HOPKINS VS. PAUL PERRIS: Beau Hopkins appears in a yellow thong and blue boots. Paul Perris looks sexy as all hell in his brief purple bikini and blue boots. Both grapplers are certainly among the most handsome of the Canadians. One thing you`ll notice right away. What`s gotten into Beau Hopkins? He is unusually aggressive. But he still mostly suffers in a variety of holds as Paul pretty much controls the first part of the match - on the mat. When Beau comes back and decides to take his first "shortcut" in his Canadian musclehunk career, it raises Paul Perris`s dander several notches. Result: Hopkins goes flying - the result of a karate kick. You can tell the adrenaline is flowing in Perris. He`s on a roll. As a result Beau suffers.

BOUT #5: JIMMY ROYCE VS. ED HARTE: Competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer, Ed Harte. Talk about a visual. If you have lasted this long watching this video, your heart may not survive this bout. Jimmy appears in sensual ass clinging, crotch exposing green trunks. No one fills trunks like Jimmy Royce. International Male mag would give their eye teeth for an ass and crotch like that, not to even mention the razor-like definition. Ed appears in white trunks. What a body! There are not enough adjectives in the book to do adequate justice to Ed Harte`s muscularity.

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