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CAST: Andy Sutton, Bart Tyler, Ben Irvine, Chuck Young, David Atkins, Frank Allen, Rob Frank, Skip Roberts,


RELEASE DATE: 8/3/2011

After a conspicuous absence of three years, and back by popular demand is one of the most successful CAN-AM wrestling series CANADIAN MUSCLEHUNK WRESTLING. Literally hundreds of customer letters have asked for the return of body beautiful, no nonsense, 100% PRO wrestling. So out of CAN-AM`s Toronto Studios comes CANADIAN MUSCLEHUNK WRESTLING #9, featuring four 3-fall pro matches starring eight hardbody mat hunks (six of which are brand new CAN-AM finds). Check out the named photographs to connect the wrestlers in this four-match blockbuster. MATCH ONE: BEN IRVINE vs. ANDY SUTTON. Black musclehunk Ben Irvine destroys white boytoy Andy Sutton. MATCH TWO: FRANK ALLEN vs. DAVID ATKINS. In-your-dreams handsome Frank Allen takes this hard fought give-and-take bruiser match from David Atkins. MATCH THREE: CHUCK YOUNG vs. ROB FRANK. Frank Rob takes his time forcing the match submission from Chuck Young. MATCH FOUR: SKIP ROBERTS vs. BART TYLER. Big blond bodybuilder Bart Tyler works over and brutalizes exceedingly hot muscleboy Skip Roberts to a painful and humiliating submission loss. CANADIAN MUSCLEHUNK WRESTLING #9 delivers CAN-AM hard pro action and is definitely worth the 3 year wait. 2 Full hours.

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