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CAST: Dillon reed, Bobby Rose, Jimmy Dean, Danny Craig, David Michel,


RELEASE DATE: 3/2/2009

BOUT #1: JIMMY DEAN VS. DILLON REED: Dean: 5`10", 160#, 19 yo. Reed: 5`11", 165#, 24 yo. The challenge: loser has to jack-off, on camera, with the other watching. Control shifts back and forth throughout the first fall, but it is Dean who once again is victorious with the aid of a nicely executed camel clutch. Dillon`s frustration mounts from his continuous losses to Jimmy Dean. Dillon convinces Jimmy that his back muscle was pulled slightly in a previous fall and asks Jimmy to massage the area. Jimmy`s hands, of course, slip to Dillon`s nice round plump ass. Jimmy casually unhinges Dillon`s g-string and slowly removes it from his prone body. Dillon was a champion amateur wrestler in his school days and it shows. His second fall victory was an imaginative way to apply an amateur hold. His amateur skills prove to be the deciding factor in the third fall as well. Off camera, after Jimmy has cum, he challenges Dillon to match his jack-off. Dillon, to save face, agrees, but he sure loses this matchup. Judging from the amount of cum on the mat, Jimmy Dean wins this challenge balls down.

BOUT #2: DILLON REED VS. BOBBY ROSE: Reed: 5`11", 165#, 24 yo. Rose: 5`10", 160#, 19 yo. Dillon beatup Bobby in the pro ring. Now we want to see what he can do to with Bobby in the oil pit. This young man is gorgeous! Bubble butt, large cock, cute face, smoothly defined body. Dillon definitely has a good time "playing" with him in the oil pit. Bobby wears white underwear and Dillon blue and gear figures prominently in Dillon`s strategy. He ties up Bobby with it, chokes him with it, maneuvers him with it. Gear is a weapon Dillon uses to his advantage. Bobby`s white underwear is wedged into his asscrack. Bobby gets progressively weaker and unable to resist in the second fall. Dillon ends up putting him into holds and punishing him relatively at will. The final camel clutch puts great pressure on Bobby`s back and he has to submit. Bobby is a great visual to watch, especially nude with his large cock bobbin` and weavin`, those voluptuous buns flexing and bunching.

BOUT #3: JIMMY DEAN VS. DANNY CRAIG: Dean: 5`10", 160#, 19 yo. Craig: 5`6", 175#, 25 vO. Jimmy Dean plays the perfect "totally in control villain" in the second fall. For those into body and stomach punching Jimmy Dean really gives Danny Craig "what for". Danny Craig is a virtual punching bag throughout this fall. And when Jimmy Dean gets him to submit to a camel clutch at the end of Danny`s long beating Danny bleats out his pain even after Dean has released him. Jimmy assists him with the "pain" by massaging his lower back and other areas. Being the perpetually horny little devil Jimmy Dean always is, it doesn`t take too much to bring his cock up to half mast. And Danny Craig is obviously continuing to enjoy this. The final fall sees a lot of spanking, tit action. Much slower more sensual grappling. Jimmy gets Danny in a surfboard, quickly changing it to his sure-thing victory hold, the figure four.

BOUT #4: JIMMY DEAN VS. DAVID MICHEL: Dean: 5`10", 160#, 19 yo. Michel: 5`10", 155#, 26 YO. David attacks his opponent`s butt, whether it`s with a series of wedgies, spanking or trying to shove his fist into it. He also, at one point, shoves Dean`s head towards his crotch saying, "that`s where you belong, boy!" But Dean stays with him throughout the first fall, matching him hold for hold and move for move. Crotch stretches, headlocks, leg holds, some punching. When David gets him in a full nelson and asks Jimmy to give, Jimmy says, "never!" A short time later when David gets him back in the full nelson, and adds a body scissors, Jimmy Dean`s "never" becomes history. Never becomes now! Dean submits! In a "he gets his" kind of fall, Jimmy Dean dishes out some of the punishment he received from David in the first fall. When Jimmy Dean assists David`s crotch area with a little massage, both get turned on. David says in reaction to Jimmy`s massage, "you can keep hurting me all you want if you keep doing this." Then he changes his mind. "you know what! I think I still have to teach you a lesson. I don`t like to lose"...

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