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CAST: Aaron Aubrey,Chris Divito,Derek,Jimmy Dean,John Thor,Johnny Lightning,Mark Barto,Rip Beretta


RELEASE DATE: 9/21/2009

Dean: 5`10", 160#, 19 yo.
Beretta: 5`8", 180#, 19 yo.
Jimmy Dean takes control of Rip right at the top of their bout. It`s a long, slow and for Rip, agonizing, one-sided session with Jimmy Dean continuing a slow and steady assault which includes headlocks, knee on throat, chokes and tying up in the ropes. At one point Jimmy easily lifts Rip onto his right shoulder and with just one hand balancing his prey, walks him around the ring. Talk about total control! A highlight of the second fall is when Rip wedges Jimmy`s trunks into his asscrack and starts caressing. In the heat and passion of this moment, both get monumentally turned on. When Jimmy Dean gets out of his predicament it`s payback time for Beretta - Big Time! Big, Big, Time! Jimmy sinks his hand into Rip`s trunks from behind, down his asscrack, and gets a good grip on Beretta`s balls. It`s agony time as Rip slowly sinks to the mat in abject pain. It`s a long, slow process and Jimmy is not about to hurry things. When Rip ultimately gives in, Jimmy demands a victory J/O.

Lightning: 5`10", 135#, 22 yo.
Barto: 5`9", 155#, 25 yo.
This bout is a totally different, totally unusual situation, unlikely to be repeated. It doesn`t happen often, but on rare occasions things come together to make it happen. Mark Barto has somehow seen one of accomplished sadist wrestler Johnny Lightning`s video matches. Mark had written to us, saying that he would love to get into the ring and do a match against Johnny Lightning. We get many letters like this, but only rarely does a match like this come together. To have someone more average looking coming into the wrestling ring to experience a "fantasy" grappling session has the potential to be a real turn-on for others as well as the grappler experiencing his fantasy match. And Mark does have appeal. He`s got a nice athletic build, an eager and earnest cute face. And in spite of Lightning`s evil reputation he was "willing". Naturally Johnny makes mince meat of him and in the process, as usual, gets totally turned-on himself. However Mark does provide feisty competition. We last see Mark succumbing to "sleepy" time as the big blond muscular powerhouse puts his smaller opponent "to bed." Nudity! Hard-ons!

Aubrey: 5`7", 150#, 19 yo.
Divito: 5`9", 170#, 23 yo.
The two are rather evenly matched all things considered, but it`s experience and ability to outlast his opponent that counts in Aubrey`s first fall victory with a seated surfboard. Chris has apparently gotten the hang of things, for his ability to keep up with Aaron seems more self-assured in the second fall. Several times you think one or the other has the fall won, but there are many surprise reversals. You can see a bit of villainy and desire to win starts to come out of Chris when it becomes apparent that he is willing to take short cuts to that end. When he takes a bite out of Aaron`s leg and then goes on to a back breaker finish, you know that this wrestler is starting to get serious. Or is it simply that he wants to put Aaron in a position to caress that pretty ass. Chris does end up hearing Aaron`s submission across his knee, and Chris does end up caressing Aaron`s beautiful butt and lower back. That turns on both grapplers and leads to a very hot and erotic third fall featuring: hard ons in gear, stripping to nudity, spanking, tit pinching and twisting. A spinning full nelson with Aaron`s huge hard-on winging in the breeze wins it for Divito in his debut bout.

Derek: 6`1", 218#, 19 yo.
Thor: 5`10", 200#, 26 yo.
Wow! For many, seeing these two Canadian Musclehunks go at it in a match which features nudity, hard-ons and J/O may be a wet dream cum true. If you somehow, miraculously, have gotten this far in one sitting, this match surely will totally blow your wad. In the last match of CNPW1 Thor somehow survived Jimmy Dean`s "ball groper and squeeze" submission and went on to win, but here he is up against a far different challenge. Instead of some one 40# lighter, he`s up against a very tough teenaged giant in Derek who weights almost 20# more. ,

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