Casa De Sex

Latin Heat Productions

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CAST: Robinho DeSilva, Alejandro Bravo, Andres, Damian, David West, Dominic Pacifico, Lucas, Steven Waye, Thomas Achaval

DIRECTOR: Chad Donovan

RELEASE DATE: 11/20/2008

What’s the big attraction? Why do so many gay men find Latin men so sexy and appealing? Could it be their beautiful tan skin, their full, sensuous lips, their smooth muscular bodies, or their dark, seductive eyes? Or could it possibly be the super-sized cocks that so many of them seem to have? Whatever it is, Director Chad Donovan is hooked on them too and loves to cruise around Buenos Aires, focusing his camera on these super men and capturing the sex as it unfolds. His latest DVD – CASA DE SEX - is evidence of his fascination, as he photographs four hot, sexual encounters among 9 men, - 3 duos and a 3-way - that take place in and outside a “casa” in the capital city.