Cheap Shots & Low Blows 7


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CAST: Brian Rich, Sam Shields

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 11/2/2017

Slim, wolf-like Brian Rich is fast becoming a favorite among fans of demented, brutal wrestling. He consistently faces thicker, stronger looking dudes like Sam Shields, a beefy brawler with a natural musculature and pride in his manhood. Rich rips into him, blank-faced and belligerent, beating his musclegut and forcing him to his knees. But this ain’t no squash’s a dance, as Rich weaves himself in and out of painful holds and some of the nastiest cheap shots ever filmed as shoes are pressed, kicked, and ground deep into balls. Packages are slapped, cradled, and brutalized by their owner’s own hand or arm. You’ll be covering your balls protectively watching this squashing scuffle, and these deep, guttural cries of agony will haunt your dreams!

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