Cody Cummings: Punishment!

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Cody Cummings, Scott Summers

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2017

Welcome to the Can-Am locker room, where your favorite wrestlers from the past take on your new favorites. Cody Cummings is like Wolverine in the film Logan. A mature man with a colorful past and a magnificent bod to boot. That gravely voice and that swaggering demeanor give him edge, strength, and presence. Look for the sun-like tattoo on his right bicep and you know you’re in for a rip roaring fight.

Scott Summers looks like the boy next door if he got inked during a frat party. Sweet face and a bitchboy attitude, he can’t wait to lock up with a fan favorite.

The initial lockup is long-held, with plenty of delicate footwork from these barefooted studs. Suddenly, Summers is unable to breath. Are we surprised? He’s locked up in those glossy Cummings arms, his bitchass windpipe being crushed in a cruel headlock. Every muscle in Cummings’ core seems to be flexing with the effort of torturing the little bitch, who strains and struggles to make empty threats.

Bearhugs, backbreakers, scissor holds, and two of the hottest bodies so sparingly covered in yellow and red spandex. This title features some of the longest-held holds we’ve ever seen! It’s punishment time!

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