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CAST: Marco Coello, Logan Scion

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander, Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/28/2016

Vektros (an absolutely beautiful Marco Coello) boasts a firm, bronze-colored chest, perfectly displayed in a blue Lycra supersuit opened from throat to navel. He draws breath, so gently, like a man in a state of total peace, his tattooed abdomen rising and falling, and his softly parted lips seem to call for a lover’s kiss. But no lover comes...only Spidar (a sinister, fully masked Logan Scion), a masochistic, sadistic, black-clad creation hellbent on tormenting, tantalizing, torturing, and ultimately consuming the beautiful young hero.

First our hero is liberated from the net that holds him prisoner and strips him of his powers. Then he is awoken and aroused by the black beast, who straddles the hero’s balls, and goes to town pummeling his abs, chest, and prominent balls. With each strike Spidar seems to grow stronger and more cruel.

“Who are you?!” Vektros demands, between gasps of agony and arousal. Spidar answers with more pain, stopping only to stroke Vektros’ powerful thighs, then strike again, wrenching the hero up by his hair and pulling him into a brutal sleeper that sees Vektros turning every color in the rainbow, falling victim to the venomous kiss of the sadistic Spidar.

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