Close-Up Men

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CAST: max grand, sam carson

DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2002

Home from a hard day at the Physical Therapy Clinic, Sam Carson finds, to his delight, his pool man (Max Grand) hard at work.

Individually, they take off their shoes to rub and work the tension out of their feet. (Max gets so worked up about that when he goes back to working on the pool he already has a hard-on!) Sam, meanwhile, strips to the buff while watching hunky Max work.

We get a lot of individual foot action from each man, but the duo foot work begins when Sam goes out to the pool to say hello and soon has Max’s tempting feet in his mouth! Sucking on the toes and licking the arches, his foot eventually roams to Max's hard, uncut dick.

The camera follows the action as these hot studs play footsy. We get some cock sucking and more foot sucking and soon Sam guides Max into his bedroom where a fast and furious fuck closes out the story.

A great foot video that ends in a climatic fuck and two spurting cum shots!

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