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CAST: Casey Everett, Juan Lopez


RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2016

Juan Lopez (The Swimmer) / Casey Everett (Adonis)

Fuck! This one starts right in, as two gorgeous men are discovered fighting for their lives in a darkened space. Both are attired in black and tray body suits, as they roll and wrestle around with nothing to lose. The Swimmer (Juan Lopez) manages to get Adonis (Casey Everett) on his stomach, taking the opportunity to ride his back, pinion his arms, and hump the fuck out of his as, as Adonis gasps, teeth gritted. Bare feet interlock, and forced kisses are applied to grunting victims.

Watch in fierce sexual anticipation as Adonis is stripped of his body suit, exposing a youthful musculature, tight back muscles, perfectly proportioned arms, and hot ink. The Swimmer run his tongue up and down that perfect back, tasking the sweat on his opponent’s struggling back muscles and growing more and more extreme in his stripping and humping. He dominates with a combination of tenderness and aggression rarely seen in wrestling vids today.

Soon Adonis is naked, and being made to endure every possible invasion of his person as the Swimmer kisses, licks, and goes to town on his flawless ass. The groaning and gasping between them begins to take on a melodic quality, heard only between lovers in the throws of pure passion...only this is still a fight!

Adonis gets his hands on a tube of cream, and the action takes on a wildly fetishist flair, as two studs, one clothed, one nude, wrestle in an expanding pool of foam!

After the fight is won, both studs are instantly clean again, both nude, and the mutual love making begins! Bask in the glow of these talented men, each so perfectly formed, as they suck and fuck in a space of dark emptiness, where only their mutual passion exists. Revel in the hot gagging blowjobs...the wet spanking sound of spit-strewn cocks striking beautiful faces...the undulating rhythm of ass eating...intense fingering...and finally a close-up fuck session like something out of a dream. Hard cocks, clenched asses, faces thrown back in pain and pleasure, and an underlying aggression makes this title one of the finest samples of wrestling-themed hardcore eroticism we have seen in years! An absolute must see for fans of the Hard Heroes franchise, or anybody interested in the ever-evolving area of sexual dominance and perfectly executed anal penetration!

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