Cum Fly With Draven

World Of Men

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CAST: Draven Torres, Dylan Avila, Collin O'Neal, Felipe Carson, Julio Jimenez, Roccko, Sebastian Del Monte

DIRECTOR: Collin O'Neal

RELEASE DATE: 4/4/2011

Director Collin O'Neal treats you to one eye-catching Latino--Draven Torres. He's easy to pick out of a crowd...a real stand-out. And it's not just his appearance, but that absolute Latin passion and veracity during sweaty, intense mansex that makes an indelible impression. And don't discount five other ravenous hunks--plus Collin--of course! If this offering doesn't provoke a rise out of you--you must be dead. And as if that weren't enough to entice you the studly Collin O'Neal bottoms and gets fucked up the ass hard in the very first scene of the movie! Whew! What a way to start off your trip with Draven!

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