Decrotchery 10: Zander Vs. Striker

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Jason Stryker, Jobe Zander

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2015

How is it possible that the popular DeCROTCHery series is already on its TENTH title?

Jason Stryker is ready to learn, and he more than lives up to his name. This Latin wrestling stud is nothing but striking as he slides into the ring. A vision of lean, natural musculature, Stryker proves once and for all that a smooth, slender frame is every bit as appealing as any buff bod. Stryker stretches, bronze-colored arms raised high, head angled back as he enjoys the ecstasy of the stretch. Tiny, tri-colored trunks draw added emphasis to his manhood as he dips and lunges, showing off delicate tattoos as his flawless lips part just slightly. Stryker`s short cropped hair is black as night, and he`s ready for action against a golden-haired gladiator.

All too soon the young stud meets his teacher, perfectly embodied by the famous Jobe Zander in what is shaping up to be a Teacher vs. Student, Old vs. Young and Flawless match.

Zander`s ready to teach, decked out in a to-the-minute hair style and a low-cut blue lycra trunk that points directly to his sizable rod.

"You think you can teach me something?" Stryker muses.

"I know I can teach you something," Zander says with a grin, his banging ass barely held in by that same blue lycra.

Within seconds they`re locked up, but not for long...

"First rule of physics," says Zander, calmly crushing Stryker against the corner and brandishing his flexed bicep so that his armpit is practically in the kid`s face, "I`m stronger than you. Don`t waste your time trying to resist me."

But Stryker can`t stop trash talking, even as he`s being flung across the ring full force, bashed in the nuts, or dragged by his foot across the mat. Zander barely breaks a sweat. Stryker moans like a bitch, but refuses to tap out.

Even as they fight, these men grope and grab each other like rough lovers. Fingers are spread like fans and brushed over necks, faces, and chests like paint brushes. It`s almost as if Stryker`s alluring package and Zander`s hand are magnetically connected...they always seem to find each other, even in the most complicated of positions.

Zander is having his fun with Stryker, as he wrenches his hands behind his back and forces the kid to stand up, only to inflict a series of serious pectoral punishments on the boy wonder, who throw his head back almost orgasmically and releases a symphony of moans that even Zander can`t decide are sounds of pain or sexual satisfaction. Most exciting are the moments when Zander lightens the pressure or releases his grip, leaving Stryker to part those perfect lips again and sing a song of high-pitched, feverish release, like a first cum.

Hand are shoved down ass lines and threaded under taints to grope cocks and balls, all alluringly covered of lycra trunks stretched to the max. Leg locks and foot twists cause poor Stryker to practically punch the floor, gritting his teeth in fury and frustration, as Zander proves again and again that age is just a number.

Soon the teacher is sweating down his impressive chest, straddling the student`s face, wrapping his hands around his head and pulling it into his cushion of meat, humping and grinding as the lad moans with a mouth full of lycra covered cock.

"Stay down!" barks Zander, as he hurls his student to the floor, only to lift the lad up again, bend him over his knee, and feed him a mouthful of sweaty armpit while he goes to work on wrenching Stryker`s balls right off. Stryker gasps, pants, shudders, and begs. Zander either doesn`t hear, or he doesn`t care.

When the bitch finally screams "I give!", it sounds like a cry of total sexual release.

"Just warming up..." says Zander.

All that and much more happens in just the first fifteen minutes, and sweet revenge is just around the corner! It`s a cavalcade of punishment from these two princes of pain, each one an expert in inflicting pain, receiving pain, and giving satisfying verbal back-and-forth. Do these men love each other or hate each other? The lines are as blurry as a watercolor painting in the rain, as they kick, toss, and roll around, flawless bodies glistening with sweat, flawless wrestlers treating each other like total shit, but challenged by the undeniable pleasures of one anther`s exquisite bodies and incredible packages.

Bask in the glow of these true professionals, in this crotch obliterating battle for the ages!

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