Decrotchery 11: Cummings Vs. Zander

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Cody Cummings, Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer)

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 11/25/2015

Cody Cummings runs through a physical warm-up in anticipation of an upcoming battle. Challenge yourself to took at anything on screen apart from his bouncing balls encased in bright yellow speedos. With every jump, leap, dip, and lunge, that glorious yellow-clad package screams for attention. It doesn't hurt that Cummings is the full package himself, olive-skinned, dark haired, with a chin like a superhero, every inch of his well-muscled frame glows with health and masculinity, who wouldn't want to watch him get tangled up with a fierce competitor? Enter Jobe Zander, sporting a sexy new look with short hair that emphasisez a handsome face and impish grin. That epic and infamous package is on full display in a pair of blue speedos that push his every asset front and center. Each step invites the viewers to zoom in on that incredible package. Is it possible this veteran of the wrestling ring is looking even more well-defined than ever before? Displaying no nerves at all, Zander crouches down like a football player about to charge, taking the full impact of Cummings' lock up. There is no dainty dancing around here. These guys go for it immediately with aggressive holds that cause them both to grunt and gasp. Headlocks, sleepers, arms wrenched behind backs, and even an occasional catty open handed slap places Zander in top position from the get go. Soon Zander has his arms wrapped completely around Cummings' torso, squeezing so hard it's a wonder he doesn't pass out. Just when you think Zander's strength must be failing, he goes on to lift the yellow-clad stud off the floor several times, displaying his incredible strength. But Cummings isn't finished yet. \"See what a gentleman I am,\" Zander laughs. \"Giving you a chance to get up.\" Cummings attacks, Zander returns the favor with a backbreaker handgag combination. \"Not painful enough?\" Zander asks, before helping himself to a handful of Cummings' package, relishing each twist, squeeze, and pull. After all, this is our crotch abuse series! And with crotches like these, who could resist the urge to wrap fingers around balls and wait to feel the pain go trembling through your opponent's muscular body? The action is rough, mean, nasty. Zander clamps his thighs around Cummings head, shoving his handsome face right into his balls. \"That's the smell of victory you're smelling,\" Zander laughs, while flexing triumphantly. Now the sweat begins to appear, coating each muscular frame with a gloss that only makes the muscles stand out more beautifully in the expert lighting. Kicks to the balls from bare, masculine feet, violent wedgies, Boston crabs that invite only more crotch abuse, and a pair of fighters who go completely balls to the walls in what is sure to be the best addition to our DeCROTCHery series! And the moral of the story, as Zander so eloquently puts it \"Cheap shots come in all forms.\"

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