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CAST: Jobe Zander, Dante Martin

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 6/28/2016

After fourteen titles in our DeCROTCHery series, one wonders why anybody would ever go head-to-head...or balls-to-balls...with Jobe Zander. The man is a muscle god in a powder blue Speedo, and he has never, EVER looked better. He struts onto the glossy black mats, leading with his impressive cock, ready to teach a youthful Dante Martin a thing or two about Can-Am wrestling.

Confidant Martin refuses Zander’s offer to instruct him, and the two lock up with all the aggression and anger that only an older, more experienced expert and a young, cocky bitch can foster. Zander goes for the cheap shot, attacking the kid’s “centerpiece”. Martin is enraged by the tactics, but Zander is turned on by the torment, and Martin’s reactions.

Soon Martin is face down on the mat, his red Speedo yanked roughly up into his ass in a brutal wedgie that has him screaming like a muscular little pitch. It’s one humiliating blow after another as Zander plants a victorious good on Martin’s fallen frame, only to pull him back to his feet and go to town on his midsection with ruthless abdominal squeezing that leads to a clenched fist gripping and ripping at those balls with reckless abandon.

Hear Martin sing soprano as Zander reverse straddles him, spreads the kid’s legs wide, and proceeds to elbow the living daylights out of Martin’s tender junk. Martin is made breathless as Zander slides his hand within that red Speedo and squeezes until Martin sobs like the bitch he is.

But this is more than just a crotch abuse battle, it’s a face straddling fight that culminates in what is easily the most exquisite after party we’ve ever filmed as we are invited to an up close and personal solo performance from Martin, who tends to his recently brutalized and gloriously long, hard, and muscular fuckrod with all the gasping, cock-stroking sensuality a man deserves after going cock-to-cock fight with Jobe Zander!

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