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CAST: Bobby Blake, Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer)


RELEASE DATE: 10/31/2012

Jobe Zander, our resident "Crotch Killer", returns for another match with our super cute unsuspecting victim, newcomer Bobby Blake. Bobby looks like he could be Mark Wolff`s younger brother with his movie star handsome face and muscled body.

Bobby`s already in the Can-Am Arena pro ring stretching and warming up when Jobe arrives to the Arena. Bobby is wearing a lime gree Speedo that huds his ass and showcases his "junk" beautifully. Jobe wears a yellow Can-Am swimsuit with an enhanced pouch that puts his "centerpiece" out front and proud.

Jobe chats up Bobby with promises of him possibly becoming the next Can-Am exclusive, offering details, until he low blows Bobby with a mule kick. And so it starts... a non stop series of crotch attacks on poor Bobby who is totally outclassed by the much more experienced Jobe. One attack after another on the poor jobbers junk, from the front, from behind, shoving his hand down into the green Speedo and clamping onto Bobby`s prized posession, then reaching in from behind into his Speedo... Bobby doesn`t know what to do next... other than suffer.

It is evident that Jobe truly enjoys his work as he pretzels Bobby from one compromising position to another, with each exposing his vulnerable package. And did we mention that Bobby looks absolutely stunning during the entire process?

Both of these fighters are quickly sweat soaked which causes the thin fabric of their gear to cling tightly to the asses and assets. Bobby begs for Jobe to stop his assult to no avail. Jobe is having way too much fun digging into Bobby`s trunks and manhandling his "meat" while Bobby whimpers in agonly. This is a non stop attack of Bobby`s "centerpiece" causing him to suffer from beginning to end.

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