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CAST: Joey Boots (Joe Clark), Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer)


RELEASE DATE: 3/18/2013

Joey Boots was introduced to the Hardheroes fans in "Decimated" and the chatter has not stopped since. Jobe Zander was working on set as a fight trainer and got to work with Joey, helping to script the fight scenes. Joey certainly made an impression on Jobe... while Joey seems all polite and respectful - the keyword is "seems" as there is an underlying arogance.

Joey must have rubbed Jobe the wrong way with a little too much cocky attitude because Jobe went to the Bossman and begged to have a one on one "personal and private" matchup with Mr Boots. And the request was for one of Boss Sexton`s DeCROTCHery matches. The Bossman set it up and the result are here waiting for your review. We`ll let the photos speak for themselves... and this one ends with a CUMshot.

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