Decrotchery 8

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Michael Vineland, Topher DiMaggio

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/15/2015

How is it possible for Topher DiMaggio to be even hotter than ever before? Every muscular detail of his tanned, toned body seems to be in glorious high-definition. From his lean abs and deep-cut cum gutters, to his impressive thighs and powerful arms, this raven-haired heartthrob is a pleasure to watch, even when he's just warming up in bright red speedos and boots.

Enter the legendary Michael Vineland, who seems to tower over his shorter opponent. Vineland looks broader, bigger, with stunning, shadow-casting pectorals and that irresistible "fuck you" grin. Hands ready and wrapped in white tape, he glows with health and virility. And he's ready to fight it out.

"I don't think I need to warm up for this. You ready? Come on!" dares Vineland, strutting with confidence past our cameras, offering viewers like you a prime shot of his sizable assets, barely contained by those blue speedos.

The beasts circle each other like the animals they are, finally giving over to their animal instincts when they crash together in the first lockup of the night. The sound of hands slapping agains bare chests is hypnotic. Suddenly we are aware of just how big Vineland really is. Were his arms always so well defined? Was he always so sexually daring? The answer is hell yes!

Vineland tosses DiMaggio agains the ropes, cornering him and taking the first coveted opportunity to attack his junk, after first stroking his abs. Soon DiMaggio is suffering in a standing half nelson, which displays the full glory of his deep, sensual armpits and stretches those external obliques.

"Get off me!" DiMaggio cries like a bitch, before Vineland moves the punishment downstairs, and takes another vicious handful of the pretty boy's package, despite DiMaggio's fruitless slaps, moans, and gasps of pain. Three time DiMaggio manages to nearly overpower the obviously stronger Vineland...three times he fails, as Vineland uses each opportunity to put the squeeze on once again, sometimes pinioning both of DiMaggio's arms behind his back with just one hand. Down to his knees the bitchboy falls, as Vineland wrenches both of his muscular, but apparently useless arms behind his back, once again displaying those epic armpits, biceps, and more.

Next, it's a face full of Vineland's armpit, as he bends the boy backwards over his knee and clamps his arm over DiMaggio's face before subjecting him to a finger-licking, in the speedo ball abuse session that includes abdominal abuse, trash taking, and more.

All this, in just the first ten minutes. Foot-twisting leg locks, figure fours, sensual scissor holds, and constant, brutal, unbelievable ball abuse is the order of the day. Perhaps what makes this title especially thrilling is the fact that DiMaggio never just lies there and takes it. He is constantly struggling, flailing, thrusting, and fighting to get the best of Vineland. Even when Vineland humiliates the shit out of DiMaggio by straddling his head and forcing his face directly into his own happily humping balls.

"More like an appetizer than a meal, kid," laughs Vineland, wiping the sweat from his brow. "Let's go for round two."

Will the tables turn for poor, punished Vineland? We won't tell. All we'll say is prepare yourself for furious fists, handgags, humiliating facesitting, and a sudden true revelation when the combative action turns completely sensual, with angry fists melting into tender hands that massage pecs and nipples, explore the contents of speedos, and finally unveil the two prizes you've been waiting to see. What DiMaggio lacks in height compared to Vineland he more than makes up for in length, as his mammoth meat-cannon is pumped and pampered to the sound of pleasure moans and low, guttural purrs. Reach an explosive, cum-splattering double conclusion in this expertly shot tribute to the power of the mancrotch.

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