Doc Kok Rocks!


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CAST: Jamie Stroud, Jason Stryker, Logan Scion

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 2/19/2015

Heroic Jag (Logan Scion) awakens to find himself stretched and bound in a metallic rectangle of pain, dressed only in a blue and red lycra costume that leaves his lightly tattooed chest and abdomen exposed. Red boots, red trunks, and a red mast complete his flawless super hero attire, but what kind of super hero finds himself hanging helplessly by his wrists? As his eyes flutter open, he is immediately terrified and turned on. Where is he? How did he get here? Who is that dark figure stepping out of the shadows.

He is dressed entirely in black and gold, a sparkling cloak swirls around him. He bares a golden scepter designed to inflict pain and pleasure in equal measures. He is Doc Kok (Jason Striker), and Jag is his prisoner.

"Your captive audience awaits!" cackles the villainous Doc. With a wave of his scepter, Blue Reigh (Jamie Stroud), Jag`s faithful partner, lies prostrate before them in ocean blue lycra with bright yellow trunks that flatter his impressive manhood rod. Doc Kok looms over the boy wonder, cackling and threatening, while Jag struggles against his bonds.

"What do you want with us?" cries Jag.

"You will be humiliated," says Doc Kok, cooly. "And you will be made to do my bidding."

This is a tale of revenge. Of punishment and pain, as Doc Kok reveals the powers of his golden scepter...a power that harnesses lightening in its purest form. With an almost manic zeal, the sadistic Doc sends current after current of electricity coursing through the boy wonder`s body, draining his powers bit by bit.

Soon Blue Reigh is bare chested, vulnerable, and sobbing like the pathetic little bitch that he is.

But wait...a twist in time...a change. Suddenly, Blue Reigh is the one trapped in the metallic prison, and Jag lies unconscious at his feet. Doc Kok is toying with them, forcing them into different punishment positions! Torturing first one, then the other, while his comrade watches, unable to help.

At last both heroes are stripped and straining, begging for mercy while fully exposed. Each man is a prime example of physical ferociousness, each displaying a meaty asses, muscular backs, and boyishly taught arms and chests. Hot, throbbing cocks bulging and begging to be handled become the stars of the show, as these hard heroes live up to the title, writhing on the floor.

Massive meat cannons are cocked and ready to blow. One mask is shed and a beautifully boyish face is revealed, twisted in erotic ecstasy. Watch as these hard heroes service themselves in a dual masturbation scenario in the villain`s den of pain. Prepare yourself for juicy cum shots in this exquisitely sensual new release.

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