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CAST: Cam Zagucci, Zack Reno

DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews

RELEASE DATE: 2/22/2019

Hairy, toned sexgod Zack Reno looks incredible doing pull-ups in revealing white trunks and boots. His beard and unruly hair give him a wildman edge that cute Cam Zagucci can't match. But he can match Reno's workout. Monkey-like, cutie Cam swings from the ceiling beams in his mint green and yellow trunks, disrupting Zack's workout by creeping up behind him and smacking him from behind with his feet. Booted Zack and barefoot Cam faceoff in a workout challenge with pushups, but Cam can't resist the urge to climb aboard Zack's sexy back and camel the hell outta that hairy hunk.

The boyish battler presses his soft, pink foot into Zack's back, then hoists him up and plows him into the wall. A hot headlock results in Cam getting a taste of his own medicine, as his arms are wrenched upward, exposing his tender armpits. Lean, hairy Zack enjoys some sexy back and forth with the kid, as they roll and rage at each other in brotherly combat.

Cam locks his soft legs around Zack's neck, rides his back, and endures a well deserved full nelson. Bearhugs and brutal moves win the day in a match that feels like a little brother thinking he can take his big brother just because he's grown a few inches. Watch Zack teach that little bro a lesson!

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