BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 2/6/2014

BOUT 1DINO PHILLIPS VS. MATTHEW EASTONThe deal between Dino and BG: Dino provides opponents who are good looking and muscular. In Erotic Combat matches Dino gets to have his way with whatever opponent he brings to the wrestling mat, or so he expects. In this match Dino gets his way and more. He manages to strip his muscled opponent, bind his feet long enough to get his hands on his opponent’s beautiful butt. He sucks on Matthew’s toes. He finger fucks Matthew into giving us a good cumshot. And then he goes on to deliver one of his own. BOUT 2DINO PHILLIPS VS. GRANT WOODThis is the kind of erotic bout that Dino loves. He takes two straight falls from a compliant Grant Wood. Grant is manipulated any which way Dino wants him. Whether it is spanking his beautiful butt, diving his tongue into his butthole, jacking his cock, twisting his jockstrap, or putting him in various wrestling holds – Dino is in wrestling and erotic heaven as satisfyingly moves muscular Grant Wood in any direction he wants.

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