BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 2/25/2011

EROTIC COMBAT 8 DOP: 04/07/1996 BOUT 1BRIAN KIDD VS. RYAN WAGNERRyan tires hard to overcome Brian, but while he is successful at times, Brian is too much of a handful. Brian loves putting Ryan into different kinds of holds, and the body contact as well. In fact note that Brian has a hard-on most of the time he is wrestling Ryan Wagner. This is a long match, and BG has divided it into two parts. Lots of cocksucking, with a cumshot ending by both. This match is definitely an erotic match. BOUT 2DINO PHILLIPS VS. PATRICK IVES Dino pretty much controls this match, erotically, from start to finish. Among other things he ties up Patrick with his own undergear. Dino stuffs his own trunks into Patrick’s mouth. He gets Patrick hard and jacks him. Then he stuffs his tongue up Patrick’s butt, stuffs his dick into Patrick’s mouth, and relentlessly jacks Patrick until the hapless dude finally has to get his own release. In turn Patrick gets Dino off which any good wrestler does in turn in these kinds of matches. You talk about an erotic match!! Woof!

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