BG Wrestling

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CAST: Paul Morgan, Todd Stevens


RELEASE DATE: 3/23/2006

This may be the single most erotic and sexiest video that has ever been produced by BG Enterprise. You take two really good-looking guys, with great bodies, big cocks that stay hard, and who get into each other with a passion seldom seen. In addition, both have very imaginative ways of expressing their eroticism. When Todd Stevens is oiling Paul Morgan you can see something huge tenting his gear, straining to be released. And when Paul Morgan eventually does just that ­ you will probably gasp at the size. In fact at one point in the video Todd bends down as if he is going to suck his own cock. You can see that he has that capability. BG cannot do justice to mere words in describing this oil match. Check out the pictures. That will do it!

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