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CAST: Esko, Scotty Marx

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2016

Esko vs Scotty Marx

Find me a better match than Esko and Scotty Marx. This is a masturbation fantasy brought to living, breathing, erotic, and muscular life!

Each man is a glorious, youthful, sassy example of pure muscular perfection, shoulder-heavy, big-biceped, massive thighs pulsating, ready for a painful squeeze. Each man sports boyish expressions, youthful voices, and proud bodies, like two college freshman who were respected in high school for their athletic leadership now charged with the task of destroying one another in this room of shadow and pain.

The initial lockup only emphasizes their evenness of strength, as they dance back and forth in a rough, evenly-matched tie-up from which neither man seems able to break away from or use to his advantage. Bare feet interweave in a power struggle of almost biblical epicness, until at last red-speedoed Marx finds himself under Esko’s control...mostly. Even with an arm locked around Marx’s chest, Esko finds himself unable to fully control the muscle-stud’s resisting body, until finally one man collapses in exhaustion, much to his opponent’s much longer could he have possibly held out.

Ground fighting is next, as two massive men roll, rumble, kick, and squeeze the fuck out of each other. Esko mounts Marx, smooth, muscular man against smooth, muscular man. The camera closes in on the tightly held, intimate pin that results in Marx’s face buried deep in Esko’s balls.

“Shut up, bitch!”

Proving once again that eroticism need not involve nudity or sex, the final bearhug torture hold will have you pausing and replaying again and again, until you are every bit as finished as our loser.

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