Erotic Mat Wrestling 8 DVD

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Nathan Cortijo, Matt Miller

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 3/26/2019

This is lucky number 7 appearance on the Can-Am mats for Latin heartthrob Nathan Cortijo. In his previous matches he has usually ended up suffering mightily, but he suffers so beautifully, Boss Sexton always brings him back. This time he will have a height advantage over brawny fireplug Matt Miller, but will it be enough? Miller is the ultimate little muscle boy, sporting a big meaty ass and pushing a big meaty crotch as he does his opening stretches in the Can-Am gym. You’ll be dreaming and creaming wishing his tree trunk thighs were planted on you, the tight fabric of his blue speedo just inches from your nose and lips. Take a deep breath of that manliness, before your eyes pop over to the tight, long frame of Cortijo. Cortijo is not happy that Miller in his space, and the two are soon locked in a battle for marked territory. We’re pretty sure that Cortijo won the “Varsity” tag on his too-small red briefs for the prize hanging between his thighs. If you can manage to tear your eyes away from that impossibly full bulge, you’re a better man than us.

But Miller has only one thing on his mind – domination. He wraps Cortijo’s neck up in a crushing bicep chin lock. But the pain has only started. Miller gets Cortijo’s hands locked behind his head, his tempting pits fully exposed (with Miller seeming to enjoy the scent), while wrapping his other paw around the bulging red crotch. It’s definitely Miller time in the Can-Am gym.
Miller’s next round of moves feature Cortijo ass up on the mat, Miller flossing his ass with the Varsity briefs. But he can’t keep his hands of that crotch, Cortijo writhing and roaring in pain, as Miller seems to enjoy the sweat they’re both generating, rubbing it into his muscles. Miller moves from a series of scissor holds and arm bars into a backbreaking surfboard, before Cortijo is once again face down and groaning. After a punishing Boston Crab, Miller wants to make that ass pay big time. After a little flossing and slapping, he grinds his fist right into the crevice between those mounds of flesh. You can tell Cortijo is clenching his ass as tight as he can to prevent Miller from splitting those cheeks wide open. And just try to keep it in your pants when Miller hangs back a few feet, framing Cortijo’s ass with his hands and then dives forward, mouth right into the crack for a little motorboating between those hairy Latin mounds of hotness. There’s no doubt Miller relishes being the master of the mats.

But just when you think he’s down for the count, Cortijo gets sparked and turns the tables, getting Miller wrapped up in a Boston Crab of his own and returning the favor of a ball numbing crotch squeeze. And you finally get to see those swarthy biceps do some work in a punishing choke hold, transitioning to a full groan leg scissors, Miller’s white thighs in deep suffering contrast to the dark power of Cortijo’s longer legs. Unfortunately for Cortijo, his battery soon runs dry and Miller has his chance to take control again. There’s nothing like the contrast of male power flexing a hold on captive stretched out prey, while Miller’s free hand almost sensually rubs Cortijo’s glistening exposed abs before forming a dreaded claw. Reaching into Cortijo’s pouch, the look on Miller’s face is definite satisfaction. It may not have been Cortijo’s lucky day, but it will absolutely be yours with one of Boss Sexton’s sexiest matches ever.

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