BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 10/10/2011

BOUT 1SETH BLACK VS. LEO MASTERSIt is devilish hard to secure and keep a hold on a wrestler who is oiled, top to bottom. So what is a wrestler to do, other than to keep trying? That is why BG tries to match up two wrestlers who will interact erotically and that is why this series is called Erotic Oil Wrestling. Seth and Leo were lovers at one time, but they still get turned on in the right circumstances. And, in this circumstance, it was perfect. Leo gets hard, and Seth manages to jack him off at the end of the match. A combination of actual wrestling and eroticism is the hallmark of this series. And this match is a perfect way to start.BOUT 2DINO PHILLIPS VS. DAX KELLYBG doesn’t feature too many redheads, but handsome Dax Kelly is one. He goes up against very experienced erotic wrestler Dino Phillips, who gets hard-on’s fairly easily once he interacts with another hot wrestler. In this case both wrestlers get hard-on’s that you will see at various times in this oil wrestling match. This is another case of a combination of erotic and actual wrestling with a double cumshot ending.

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