BG Wrestling

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CAST: Jonathan Christipher, Scott Lyons, Dino Phillips, Adam Wylde


RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2014

JONATHAN CHRISTIPHER VS. SCOTT LYONSIf oil wrestling with a huge cock (Lyons) and a permanent hard-on (Christipher) is your preference, then this sexy matchup is definitely something you want to see. >From the opening oil sequence, through the non-nude wrestling, to the nude wrestling, to the sexual interaction between this hot pair – all of this might result in your own stiffie. Erotic oil soaked cock enveloping gear, nude wrestling, cocksucking, and jackoff. It’s all here.DINO PHILLIPS VS. ADAM WYLDEAdam is perfect for Dino. Adam has a great body, nice butt, and is easily controlled -erotically. Dino controls Adam through wrestling holds and erotic maneuvers. Even though Adam is sexually helpless throughout this match, he ends up with a hard-on and lots of enjoyment. Who wouldn’t?

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