BG Wrestling

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CAST: Scott Randsome, Jake Andrews


RELEASE DATE: 2/24/2011

FANTASY FIGHT 1 DOP: 10/22/1994 SCOTT RANDSOME VS. JAKE ANDREWS At 6’ and 195 lbs, muscular, hairy chested Jake Andrews sure looks like a “Top Man”. But he isn’t in this match. 5’9”, 180 lb, very muscular and defined Scott Randsome turns him into a bottom jobber. At the opening the stakes are agreed: Loser gets fucked! It is “no holds and no holes barred”. And right from the start Scott backs his words with action. While Jake is posing before a mirror, Scott reaches into his briefs and grabs his balls. With total control and a continuing grip with just enough pressure, Scott Randsome gets his first of six submissions. Through a combination of continuing balls work, wresting holds and a series of erotic maneuvers which works Jake Andrews into a hapless, strength-sapped, “sexual boy toy”, Scott Randsome maintains pretty much total domination and control throughout this entire bout. When the sweat-soaked gear comes off Jake suffers a humiliating face rubbing. Scott spanks, tit rubs and tweaks, wedges Jake’s underwear into his ass crack. Scott runs one of his feet over Jake’s face several times. His forces Jake’s nose into his armpit, is facially dick-whipped, face fucked, and butt humped. Jake suffers like no other, but wait! Jake might be enjoying his “Fantasy Fight”. What do you think?

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