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CAST: Scott Randsome, Dax Kelly


RELEASE DATE: 10/3/2018

Scott Randsome vs Dax Kelly

This long lost title was recently located in our vault which is a huge thrill to Scott Randsome and Dax Kelly fans.

Interesting tidbit... Many years ago Dax Kelly worked in our offices as a production assistant. While not in filming he was one of our customer service reps who answered the phones and shipped your orders out.

This is a great match which we were thrilled to find as we thought it was lost forever. Scott Randsome looks terrific and has a long history with BG Wrestling from near the beginning. From his first match to this one you can watch him evolve from wrestler in a pro ring, then jockstrap matches, then full on wrestle sex matches.

This is a wrestle sex match... yeah!

Full description is on the way.

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