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CAST: dex sutton, donnie russo, hank towers, riv paxton

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 12/23/2005

Double Feature: Filmed at L.A.'s infamous Faultline bar, muscle daddy Dex Sutton briefly leaves his construction site warning his personal muscleboy/construction worker Hank Towers to stay away from horny troublemaker Donny Russo. Russo repeatedly hits on and wears down Hank's will power. As Russo is doing Hank, Daddy Dex returns, goes ballistic, ties up, works over, and reties both Towers and Russo. Sutton concentrates on and punishes Russo's hunky muscularity finally forcing him to not only apologize, but ask to be one of Sutton's boys. Cum shots. Feature Two: Chicago's spectacular Riv Paxton in his only Zeus video....a body beautiful SM solo session at the sadistic hands of Daddy Zeus. Muscular leatherstud Riv Paxton's body is a work of art never better exhibited and abused than in this video. FAULTLINE is a Zeus classic!

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