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CAST: Tom Flex, Guy Bolton


RELEASE DATE: 2/2/2007

In addition to being a decided Can-Am favorite, Flex is also the studio / gym manager of Ron Sexton's Toronto wrestling facility. High on the customer request list, this video features Flex giving good looking Guy Bolton some wrestling action pointers. After some mutual stretching exercises, Flex allows Guy to put him into a "make it tighter" full nelson. Distracted by Flex's bulging crotch, Guy reaches down and grabs himself a handful of Flex's cock and balls. Well, Gentlemen, at this point the lesson is over, and the match is on. Flex's incredible ass is shown off in a lime green T-back, Guy wears very skimpy near-nude colored trunks. Fall #1 is a prolonged nightmare of punishing holds "demonstrated" on Guy by Coach Flex ending up in an over-the-shoulders back breaker submission suffered by young Guy Bolton. We think Flex good-naturedly lets Guy get away with more than he should in fall #2. As good at taking punishment as he is at dishing it out, Flex's spectacular body endures some painful display work at the hands of Guy Bolton who actually wins with a surprise bite to Flex's big balls. Guy quickly moves in on Flex with lots of pex and ab punching, with his rockhard dick sticking out of his trunks. Stripping Flex, Guy gets into ball grabbing. Showing an impressive hard-on of his own, Flex seems to take back control stripping Guy naked... but falls into Guy's unexpected sleeper choke hold. Taking quick advantage of Flex's dazed condition, Guy breaks out the baby oil and covers Flex with it. As Flex comes to aroused, he starts to oil Guy down and the wrestling lesson match soon becomes an intensely sexual duo jack off scene. Both athletes sport and flaunt big, juicy cocks... raging and throbbing in each others' hands. This is a mutual jack-off tour de force with young Guy Bolton shooting first all over Coach Flex. Then Flex erupts with his own huge load. For the coach and freshman athlete fantasizers out there, Flex and Guy Bolton combine the fantasy with bodybeautiful erota wrestling that will take your breath away. Guaranteed.

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