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CAST: Guy Bolton, Mace Drummond


RELEASE DATE: 7/9/2008

Popular Can-Am middleweight Guy Bolton (Guy Bolton VS Tom Flex, Guy Bolton VS John Thor) goes up against hot new Can-Am discovery Mace Drummond in a pro-ring/oil-pit/jack-off supermatch guaranteed to empty your sperm bank. Handsome Guy Bolton wrestles in white see-thru bike shorts, a white mesh T-back, and bare-assed, wearing black boots. Newcomer Mace Drummond wrestles in a yellow bikini, bare-assed, wearing white boots.... and sporting a VERY sexy lower abdomen/crotch area tribal tatoo. Evenly matched in weight and size, Guy and Mace test each other out early in the match, but fall one goes to Guy forcing a unique back breaker submission out of Mace. Fall two gets dirty when Guy goes for a painful double ball clutch down into Mace`s bikinis from behind, then puts his Marine recruit-looking opponent out cold with an illegal choke hold in two straight falls. While still unconscious, Guy oils Mace`s sexy body down in the pro ring before taking him to the oil pit to prolong the newcomer`s punishment. Fall one in the oil pit again goes against Drummond with Guy forcing him into a double hammerlock submission. A very aggressive oil pit fall two starts off with both wrestlers` trunks getting peeled off, and Mace Drummond getting some payback satisfaction forcing a submission out of Guy using a punishing double shoulder breaker. But Guy Bolton rallies back and takes the oil pit third fall and the supermatch extracting Mace Drummond`s fourth submission. Both naked and turned on from five match falls of erotic hard body contact, Guy Bolton and Mace Drummond pump off massive cum shots guaranteeing this match`s $29 price to be MUCH more than your money`s worth.

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