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CAST: Derek, Rob Frank, Thor, Jimmy Dean, Latin Lover, Dick Darby


RELEASE DATE: 6/29/2009

Fans of Can-Am`s new line of nude male strip dancing may be pleased to hear that HHY #2 was videotaped at the same club in which Canadian Muscle Dancers #1 thru 4 was produced. An authentic club atmosphere with fantastic lighting, a large stage, and mysterious and sensual fog. Can-Am presents six more dancers featuring nudity, hard-ons, and yes, even exciting dancing.

Our line-up: 1) Derek - Holy Cow! You talk about Hung! You talk about Hard! Derek at 6`1" and 235# is monstrous. You told us in your letters that he was incredibly sexy in Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling #1. So we decided to bring him to the dance stage so you could see, for yourself, the kind of strip dancing he does in Canada. And only 19 yo.

2) Joe Frank - Joe comes to the stage wearing a sexy road crew outfit. Boots, jean shorts, t-shirt, safety vest, and a hard hat. Joe is Rob Frank`s (from Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling #1 ) "little" brother - little at 6`1", 210#. A very sexy dancer. He knows how to shake it and sell it.

3) Thor - extraordinarily muscled, unbelievable definition. Thor wears white leather chaps. He knows how to dance and how to do it sexy style. Great entertainment right down to nudity and a hard-on.

4) Jimmy Dean - probably the most exciting dancer, in terms of movement, on the video. Appearing before in Canadian Muscle Dancers, we thought Jimmy Dean deserved an encore performance and we think you`ll agree that there are few dancers out there that can match his energy, his sensuality of movement. He`s just outright sexy, right down to his respectably sized cock. By the way, Jimmy Dean recently made his debut performance at the Gaiety in New York City. He also appeared on New York City access cable channel`s notorious Robin Byrd show. We were fortunate enough to see a video of this particular show which also featured porno star B.J. Slater. Jimmy Dean danced and was interviewed. Jimmy showed off his pager, put it down next to his balls, announced his number and waited for calls to vibrate his crotch. Needless to say he got plenty.

5) Latin Lover - AKA "The Midnite Prowler". He`ll invade your bedroom if you`re not careful. Once you see his act you may decide to take a chance and leave your own bedroom window unlocked in the hopes that he "will invade" your sanctuary. What a way to go, Eh?

6) Dick Darby - This was supposed to be the Twin`s Dance Debut. Can-Am decided to take a chance, based upon the success these two had in their nude oil wrestling debut. What a disappointment! Dennis Darby got cold feet and bowed out. Without Dennis, Dick was on the spot. He had to come up with some kind of act. We recommend that you fast forward through his first two dance numbers to the nude part. At that point, without his clothes, and dark glasses, he has plenty of redeeming features including some nice muscular legs, a hot ass, a lithe/attractive body, a cute face. Those into big guys will want to stop the tape completely before Dennis comes on, but those into smaller lightweights will definitely want to give Dick a chance.

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