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CAST: Phil Spencer, Joshua, Junio, Dean Christian, Chris Divito, Armond Fatah


RELEASE DATE: 6/5/2009

The dancers featured in the Hard, Hung and Young series are a mixture of professional and amateur. Since Can-Am Entertainment is in the business of male strippers and since Can-Am Productions is into the production of videos, Can-Am Productions often will be the first to review applications from new blood seeking to become male strippers. Some times we will elect to use them on the Hard, Hung and Young. They may or may not go on to become male strip stars. But for one reason or another Can-Am Productions felt they had something unique to be shared with you. Three of the six dancers featured in HHY#3 are amateurs, three are professionals. Enjoy!

1) Phil Spencer: This handsome bodybuilder, featured in Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling #4 features a very high energy show to some great music. He wears a short vested jacket / suit. He is a kickboxer. Some of these moves you`ll see in his show. He strips down to his T-back, then nude.

2) Joshua: This young blond, blue-eye also wrestled in Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling #4. Joshua is extremely well hung as you`ll see when he gets down to the bare essentiaIs. Joshua is one of the amateurs, and with a little more help with his dancing he certainly has a number of assets that could smooth the path to a bright dance future.

3) Junior: Junior also makes an appearance in Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling #4. With his sailor suit and his pouty, yet provocatively appealing handsomeness, we felt Junior was worth including on this video.

4) Dean Christian: Dean`s show is definitely the best on this video He also has, by far, the best body. We used him in Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling #8 and Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling #7. Dean appears as a construction worker. No one`s ass fills a pair of ripped levis like Dean`s. He wears a hard hat, a safety vest, boots, gloves, dark glasses. Unfortunately he came equipped with flashlights which slightly discombobulated the video camera - which becomes apparent in his slow song / nude segment. However Dean also has an enormous, ENORMOUS cock, and while the slightly undulating picture may be distracting from time to time you`ll be so fascinated by what Dean Christian is doing on your video screen the short spanned technical difficulties may be scarcely noticed .

5) Chris DiVito: Chris is a good dancer, has a nicely defined lean body. He came to Can-Am Productions originally as an amateur, won virtually all the amateur night shows he appeared in and has now gone on to become a professional. He appears in a black leather outfit, jacket, pants, boots, T-back. Chris appeared in Canadian Nude Pro Wrestling #2.

6) Boytoy: Exotic Boytoy appears in Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling #4. Boytoy is an amazing mixture of a variety of ethnics - mainly from the British Commonwealth . He is hoping to become a dance professional. He has a smooth, sleek, lithely muscled body with curves in all the right places.

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