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CAST: Chris Lawton, Dave Channing, Guy Bolton, Jason Stryker, John Clayton, Ron Parker, Tom Flex, Tom Mackenzie


RELEASE DATE: 10/14/2009

MATCH 1 / GUY BOLTON VS DAVE CHANNING: GQ good-looking Guy Bolton in a hot pink T-back oils up against Dave Channing in his yellow / green T-back for a rock-hard bare-ass tit-twisting, ball-grabbing, ass-humping, dicks-in-faces, loser-has-to-cum match. Both studs weigh in at 155, and are 26, and 27 years old respectively.

MATCH 2 / JOHN CLAYTON VS CHRIS LAWTON: At 6` and 175lbs, 26 year old John Clayton loses his green trunks to Chris Lawton early in the 2nd fall. Taller (6`3") and younger (24) than John, Chris may seem to have the advantage, but John strips Chris out of his blue trunks and punishes his younger opponent finally winning with a suffocating choke hold.

MATCH 3 / FLEX VS TOM MACKENZIE: OK FLEX fans, this one`s for you. At 205 pounds of gorgeous muscle, FLEX takes his time and thoroughly enjoys punishing and beating sexy hot boytoy Tom Mackenzie. At 20 years of age, Tom works his ass off to hold his own against Flex, but the reigning Can-Am musclegod shows his bare assed butt boy who`s boss, and adds another hot, sexy win to his record.

MATCH 4 / JASON STRYKER VS RON PARKER: If you like your bare-assed oil erota-wrestling full of crotch-to-crotch ass slapping, ball grabbing, and crotch facials, 21 year old Jason Stryker in orange trunks beats his 26 year old opponent Ron Parker in lime green trunks. Early in the second fall, both wrestlers loose their trunks, and from that point on it`s no holds and no body parts barred.

HARD NUDE OIL WRESTLING #2 delivers just what the title tells you plus fantastic Flex, and seven other erota-wrestlers stripped bare-assed, oiled up, and hard body humping and grinding each other to punishing submission after submission.

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