Hero Horror


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CAST: Aryx Quinn (Tristan Baldwin), Jacob Durham, Troy Collins

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton, Chris Steele

RELEASE DATE: 2/19/2015

From the depths of the imagination of Boss Sexton comes Hero Horror featuring Aryx Quinn who was perfectly picked for the role of Doctor Menace. Jacob Durham as Web Wonder and Troy Collins as Seven. This is one sexxxy superhero comicbook story coming to life in perfect balance.

Two studs have been captured and bound up in Doctor Menace's lair. Our villain is convinced that these are the street versions of Web Wonder and Seven, two superheroes who have been ruining his plans to dominate the City. Menace is prepared to do whatever it takes to get these two helpless heroes to confess their superhero identity. Bound tight and repeatedly gassed Menace's first victim refused to break... that is until Menace reveals our hero's costume and forces him to dress up to prove his point. A fuckin fantastic fight ensues to no avail.... then Menace is off to fetch suspected hero number two and plays the same game plan again.

Do our heroes break? Does Manace get what he wants out of them? Or does Menace just fuck the two of them into a final submission?

Comic book porn at it's finest... thanks to Boss Sexton and the cooperative direction of Boss Sexton for the story and Chris Steel for the sex.

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