BG Wrestling

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CAST: Tony Acosta, Javier Fuerte


RELEASE DATE: 8/29/2006

This matchup is very high energy, very word oral, very aggressive, very sexual. Tony Acosta is as intense a wrestler as BG has presented over the years. The object of his intensity is Javier Fuerte, the hot muscled Latino with the beautiful abs, huge pecs, and beautiful arms, not to overlook his good looks. Tony is the more accomplished wrestler – as you will be able to tell. He loves close in combat, body rubbing, doing what he wants to do at any given moment. Tony pretty well controls this match, enjoying the give and take of wrestling as he desires. He is definitely focused on Javier’s beautiful butt. He has no trouble taking two falls from Javier and then getting the prize he was after all along; the privilege of fucking that ass. You’ll see nudity, cocksucking, ass eating (by both wrestlers), j/o, and fucking.

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