BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 10/5/2011

DINO PHILLIPS VS. K.C. HARTK.C. may be smaller, less muscular than Dino, but he makes up for it in aggressive wrestling behavior. He wins two straight falls from Dino Phillips. K.C. squirms and squeezes his way out of wrestling danger whenever it presents itself. He maintains a continuing wrestling and erotic dominance over Dino Phillips as the match progresses. A classic scene occurs shortly into the second fall when K.C. dangles his huge hard dick over Dino’s face. Clearly Dino wants to suck that cock and attempts to do so, but K.C. keeps it out of range. A big tease! Later, after K.C. has won the second fall, he gladly accepts Dino’s cocksucking abilities as well as his ass-eating. K.C. fucks Dino and Dino loves it so much he cums while being fucked. K.C. lets off a huge and elevated cumshot. Hot match all the way around.

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