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CAST: Scott Summerrs, Logan Scion

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 6/28/2016

Tattooed hardbody Scott Summers is an inked antagonist with the flames of passion licking at his lower abs. This tantalizing tussler stretches that perfectly defined frame, his nether region barely contained by a packed blue Speedo. Enter lean and ripped Logan Scion, whose natural musculature and truculent attitude only make him look less mature in the shadow of cool, calm, and collected Summers, who balks at Scion’s bravado.

“Is this really my opponent? I’m gonna throw you all over this ring!”

“You can’t hurt Mighty Mouse,” Scion laughs, daring Summers to do his best. “Are you as slow and dumb as you look?”

The first lock up sees Scion’s head trapped within Summers’ vice-like grip, causing Scion’s face to turn as cherry red as his Speedos. Scion’s arms are wrenched behind his back, causing him to struggle and fight with a vigor that seems to enliven Summers even more. The next lockup is applied with skin-slapping aggression, as Scion strains to gain an advantage over Summer with teeth gritted. Summers barely breaks a sweat as he twists Scions arms like pipe cleaners.

Tumbling to the floor, Scion finds his shoulder at the mercy of Summers’ squeezing, powerful thighs, which only opens the door for Scion to find himself nelsoned and scissored.

“You’re my bitch in this position!” crows Summers, as Scion half threatens/half sobs in agony!

It’s a heart-racing, enraged, rugged rumble, as Scion plays the cursing, crying, feisty rag doll to the superior Summers. Can Mighty Mouse get back on his feet, or is he really the bitch Summers thinks he is?

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