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CAST: Christopher Bruce, Donnie Drake, Kyle Braun, Rio Garza,


RELEASE DATE: 11/16/2010

Hollywood handsome Can-Am exclusive Rio Garza is back and beautiful wearing the absolute smallest, tightest silver bikini Boss Sexton would authorize for this 3-match meatbeater video. Since few wrestlers look sexier while suffering, just for you Boss Sexton makes sure Rio suffers. A lot! Eagerly following the Boss' orders, eager heel Kyle Braun gets first crack to punish Rio. OK... Kyle suffers too, but ultimately Kyle slowly chokes out ravished ravishing Rio. Recovered and back for more, Rio takes on Christopher Bruce in match 2. Chris is nothing but cheeky geared out in fire engine red trunks with "M U S C L E" stamped across his ass. The two muscle hunks punish each other with merciless submission torture holds. You'll love watching hero Rio suffer lots more before losing match 2. Dastardly Donnie Drake steps up for Rio's ultimate and humiliating destruction in match 3. With Boss Sexton directing Rio's suffering, D.D. thoroughly enjoys abusing Rio's magnificent body in one torture hold after another. Woof. Rio manages to rally a couple of times. Briefly. But ends up beat up big time and loses match 3. Let's be sure you know what you're getting here..... body beautiful Rio Garza is beat up and punished mercilessly for three straight match losses by Kyle Braun, then Christopher Bruce, and finally by dirty Donnie Drake. You'll be asking Boss Sexton for a Hollywood Mat Battle 2 after watching this 3 match Hollywood Mat Battle 1.

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