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CAST: Nick Girard, Dave Roslin, Jimmy Pike, Ray Vega, Dakota, Steve Romero, Chris Hartley, Dom, The Wild Boy, Tony Benneditti


RELEASE DATE: 5/1/2008

BOUT 1: Nick Girard vs. Dave Roslin
Nick: 5’10”, 185 lbs
Dave: 5’11”, 200 lbs

From the moment these two jump over the top rope of the wrestling ring to take positions in their respective corners, you get the feeling that this will be a very special matchup. This is confirmed from the moment these two stunning physical specimens go after each other in ring center. If you are into hot proportional muscles, Dave Roslin is going to push your buttons. Wearing white speedos, black pro boots, this 22 yo handsome hunk with magnificent thighs, hunky pecs and a well-formed ass goes after his opponent with gusto. 22 yo Nick Girard, wearing white speedos and white pro boots has the opposite kind of body from pretty boy Dave. Nick is burly muscularity – he looks like a wrestler. Hairy chested Nick has nice pecs, stomach, and legs. He doesn’t take the shit that Dave is passing out. These guys both know their way around a wrestling mat and don’t hold back. These guys are brutal against each other. The stomach punching is deep, the power lifts, body slams and throws are bone jarring. Highlights include the 2nd fall when Dave starts working on Nick’s legs. Nick is able to work his way out of the holds, but Dave comes back with a single-minded purpose again and again. He doesn’t give up working on those legs until he has secured a submission. The action is all-out in the third fall, as this matchup, tied one fall apiece, will be decided here. The mat slamming bearhugs, the spectacular body slams, the airplane spins, the clotheslines, and other hot aerial action will have your TV smoking – not to mention yourself.

BOUT 2: Jimmy Pike vs. Ray Vega
Jimmy: 5’10”, 180 lbs
Ray: 5’6”, 174 lbs

When Jimmy was just 18 yo, he came to the attention of Colt Studios. With his handsome “just off the farm” fresh look and hunky body he soon became a Colt favorite. Skip ahead a few years and Colt recently asked him to pose again. He’s all-man now at 31 yo. Mustached, huge hairy pecs, a dynamite physique. Who to match him with? In a fortuitous circumstance along comes another Colt model, Ray Vega. At 38 yo Ray is a solid stack of defined muscularity. At the top of the first fall Jimmy takes charge with a big, BIG body slam and some elbow drops. Ray comes back with a slam of his own, but it’s the more aggressive Jimmy who takes command. Ray attacks more in the second fall, but can’t quite pull off a victory. It’s Jimmy Pike in two straight falls. Neither of these two have much wrestling experience which is obvious. But for those who might enjoy very muscled visuals, rugged looking men and superb muscularity – this match might be for you.

BOUT 3: Dakota vs. Steve Romero
Dakota: 6’, 190 lbs
Steve: 5’10”, 175 lbs

Dakota is a stunt man in Hollywood. As he bounds over the top rope, you can see the stunt man in him and will throughout the match. Dakota’s opponent is a one time “exotic dancer” who also won a Mr. Laguna physique contest. BG anticipated the smaller Romero would be crushed by the bigger Dakota, but wrongo! Romero surprised and more than held his own, at one point coming very close to winning this match. Both love to add a touch of humiliation while wrestling, which involves hiking each other’s trunks into their asscracks. Vicious tactics abound and both go all-out to defeat the other. They don’t shy away from using ass slapping, eye raking, punching, ball grabbing, kicking and verbal abuse.

BOUT 4: Chris Hartley vs. Dom
Chris: 6’, 185 lbs
Dom: 5’9”, 195 lbs

20 yo smooth bodied, handsome, gym manager, Chris takes on a 24 yo tank who only wants to be known as Dom, in this clash of Big Beef. The action is pro-slow. Both try to out muscle each other, mainly through strength holds. But it is the more talented and aggressive Chris who wins the first fall through a combination body scissors and full nelson. Dom holds out for a long time, swearing up a storm at his opponent, but he finally has to submit. It is the big boned, freshly scrubbed looking Chris, who is clearly the more talented of the two (who would have thought this at the beginning of this matchup). He pretty much dominates the whole match and certainly the second and final fall.

BOUT 5: The Wild Boy vs. Tony Bennedetti
Wild Boy: 5’6”, 145 lbs
Tony: 5’6”, 151 lbs

This match marked the debut of The Wild Boy and the first match between these two. 18 yo Wild Boy takes on 20 yo Tony. Dark-haired, ultra-handsome, Italian looking Benedetti appears in black wrestling boots and dark trunks. He has a nice looking muscled body with a slight covering of hair on his chest. A super aggressive Wild Boy enters the ring and points his finger at Tony. He is clearly out for blood. With the benefit of extensive high school wrestling experience you would think it would be the Wild Boy who would dominate the first fall. But with an interesting strategy, it’s pretty much the reverse. Through some humiliating face slaps to open the fall, extensive verbal abuse, and good use of professional wrestling holds and maneuvers, Tony totally confounds the Wild Boy in the first fall, taking it with a very tough body scissors. At the top of the second Tony continues to dominate and it is beginning to look like all the pre-match hype concerning the high school wrestling star was just that – hype. Finally after taking lots of abuse, the Wild Boy turns into a real bad boy. A forearm to Tony’s balls turns the match around – completely. He doesn’t give Tony an inch for the rest of the fall and convincingly puts him away for a second fall victory. A super aggressive angry Wild Boy comes out of his corner for the third fall and in a one sided squash emerges victorious.

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