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CAST: Vic Silver, Danny Drew, CC Thunder, Steve Starr, Big Bruce Braddock, Glen Sampson, Steve Sterling, Brett Ballard, Riki Ballard


RELEASE DATE: 2/17/2012


Vic Silver: 5’8”, 175#, Black hair, Brown eyes, 31yo
Danny Drew: 5’9”, 205#, Blond Hair, Blue eyes, 22yo

Vic Silver’s specialty, as he puts it, is to “eat Gold’s Gym contest bodybuilders whole”, or “put them away” with whatever tactics it takes, just so long as Vic’s a winner. But when you take a big, buffed out bodybuilders whose size and strength exceed yours, you can be in for a very rough time. You, in this case Vic Silver, have to rely on your wrestling talent and penchant for vicious tactics to make the difference. You’ll note in the first fall that Silver’s wrestling talent is better than Drew’s, yet Drew is able to keep up with Vic and exceed him in strength. In a surprise submission finish Drew manages to defeat Silver and take a 1-0 lead. Bottom line: Silver was outfoxed. There is now only one way to deal with this situation – really get vicious. But at the top of the 2nd fall Drew clotheslines Silver twice and gives him knee stomp, and when Silver tries to clothesline the big blond bodybuilder, Danny simply shrugs it off. Is Silver in trouble or what? A big body slam by Drew has Silver reeling. But a vicious eye gouge gives Silver breathing space. He follows it up with more eye gouging, a pile driver, and lots of karate-type kicks to Drew’s belly. An unusual combination neck scissors/forehead claw combo has Drew submitting the second fall. After a shaky start, Silver is starting to get his act together. Drew is angry, out for blood, as he comes out of his corner ready to start the final fall. He body slams, clotheslines, and bulldogs his opponent. But Silver judo chops him and then begins an assault designed to wear Drew down, yet Drew comes back again and again. He seems impervious to any lasting damage. It’s time for a different strategy. To take this big guy out you’ve got to go for the most painful of submissions Silver therefore shifts his attention to Drew’s legs.


CC Thunder: 5’11”, 210#, Brown hair, Hazel eyes, 30yo
Steve Starr: 5’10”, 185#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 33yo

CC Thunder comes to BG from a relatively obscure Southern California wrestling promotion called the American International Wrestling Association, which puts on live events infrequently. Starr is a relative newcomer to wrestling, while Thunder has some experience. Thunder is used to being a villain when he wrestles, and that was just fine with BG. Each tests the other with a big body slam at the opening bell. Even though both manage to get in some good licks against the other in this first fall, it is CC Thunder with his experience edge who has the general upper hand throughout. Their exchange of full nelsons is interesting, with CC winning and taking Starr to the mat. When CC slaps on an abdominal stretch, Starr powers out, but he’s hurt. CC comes back again, and really secures the ab stretch this time. It isn’t too long before Starr submits. Steve Starr shows a lot more talent in the second fall. CC’s chest takes a real battering as Starr lays some heavy, heavy skin shattering chops on the burly grappler’s chest. Steve manages to come out a winner by getting a Thunder submission through some heavy pressure to his neck. It’s pretty much give and take in the first few minutes of the 3rd fall with each grappler looking for the opening that will make the difference, that will give one wrestler a decided advantage over the other. This comes when CC gives Starr two ear-shattering chest chops, and then proceeds to trash the buffed out bodybuilder. Starr ends up staked to CC’s special “Cross of Death” submission hold. Both of Starr’s arms are outstretched, scissored. His torso is subjected to some pain when pressure is exerted on the right leg. After the submission CC shows his contempt for the big bodybuilder by throwing him out of the ring on his way to the locker room.


Big Bruce Braddock: 5’11”, 215#, Brown hair, Blue eyes, 33yo
Glen Sampson: 5’8”, 180#, Black hair, Brown eyes, 29yo

A battle of two big bruisers. At the beginning of the match both grapplers want to test the other’s strength, or as Glen puts it, “Let’s see what you’ve got!” They shove each other to the mat. Glen pounds on Braddock’s massively muscled hairy chest. Big Bruce pounds on Glen’s big muscular pecs. Then Big Bruce lifts Glen above his head and slams him to the mat. Glen’s best strategy to cut the giant down to size is to go for the evil shortcuts, the low blow. Thus Sampson opens up with a barrage of nasty stuff, soon reducing the giant to a quivering bowl of jelly, setting Big Bruce up for one of Glen’s favorite submission holds, the “butterfly submission”. This is an all-limbs tie-up with Bruce on his stomach and Glen on his back. It’s very effective and puts enormous pressure on the shoulders. Bruce comes back much stronger in the second fall, motivated by a desire not to be squashed by this lighter wrestler. He throws Glen around the ring, does a lot of lift and smash holds. It’s as if Glen weighs no more than a feather. Bruce’s rolling head scissors with the back of Glen’s head resting on Big Bruce’s crotch is fun, right up until Glen bites his on the inner thigh. But Bruce comes back and in a sequence lasting several minutes Bruce out-strongmans Sampson. Slams, lifts, backbreakers, big fisted chest smashes, a constricting body scissors – a huge arsenal – until the “hangman” arrives. Glen screams out his submission as his big muscular body hangs helplessly over Bruce’s back. You may notice that Big Bruce wrestles very clean. He admits that he doesn’t like the dirty stuff that he prefers to wrestle and win clean, if he can. He knows this makes him vulnerable to wrestlers such as Sampson, but if your psyche won’t permit you to be “bad”, what can you do? Bruce comes out to ring center as the bell to the final fall rings. He is determined to win. And it does appear that he is on his way when he clamps Sampson in another of his favorite submissions: a big bone-crushing bear hug. Glen endures even though he is asked to submit. Bruce ultimately throws Glen to the mat with disgust. BG wonders what will come next. Another bear hug? Another attempt to get Glen to submit? But from out of nowhere comes that low blow to Bruce’s vulnerable balls. He screams in agony, falling to the mat clutching his hurting balls. All his enormous strength has just flowed out of his body. He is now virtually helpless to prevent the horrendous abuse he is now forced to endure. It is a squash from here on to the end. The final fall is an excruciatingly slow and painful Boston crab.


Steve Sterling: 5’6”, 180#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 21yo
Vic Silver: 5’8”, 175#, Black hair, Brown eyes, 31yo

Matching Steve against Vic Silver was perfect. Both are very talented pro wrestling, with – each in their own way – great crowd appeal. Steve, with fantastic muscle definition and muscles on top of muscles, looks superb in white Speedos and black wrestling boots. He does some superb muscle posing on first getting into the ring. In an attempt to put him in his place Vic opens up with some chest pounding and a body slam. But to Steve that is like a pesky fly hitting him. He just brushes it off, slams Vic twice. Vic scurries out of the ring for safety. Vic comes back to dish out more punishment and gradually his relentless assault doe stake it’s toll, slowing the massive young bodybuilder down somewhat – but not enough! Steve and Vic fight toe to toe, neither giving in to the other throughout the first fall. Finally Steve’s strength begins to tell. He body slams Vic three successive times, setting up for a reverse surfboard type hold from the front – forcing Vic’s arms behind him and slightly up. As in the first match on this tape when Vic fell behind 1-0, he has his work cut out for him if he is going to defeat Sterling. This is a fairly even match throughout its entire 33 minute length, with one wrestler gaining a temporary advantage over the other, but then suffering a reversal. Vic has more experience, but Steve, even though doesn’t match Vic’s villainy, nonetheless, has enough experience to “stay in the match” and dish out his style of punishment. Vic does trap him in the second fall in a “sleeper” and its kind of fun to see the bodybuilder taken out in that fashion. This sets up the final and third fall. You’ll be in “Muscle Heaven” throughout the entire match, that is something BG guarantees.


Bret Ballard: 5’8”, 165#, Blond hair, Brown eyes, 19yo
Rikki Ballard: 5’8”, 160#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 19yo

They were both born on the same day. They are twins, yet sometimes they try and camouflage that fact. You can certainly see the resemblance, but you can see the obvious differences. It will help you keep them apart and follow this match a lot better. Bret’s past the shoulder length hair flows free, Rikki’s is tied up. Bret’s hair is streaked blond, Rikki’s is his natural brown. There is also a slight weight difference, because of bodybuilding. Bret is slightly more muscular. These brothers have been playfully and seriously beating each other up all their lives in a pro wrestling context. They can do things to each other that they couldn’t do to another, because of timing, unfamiliarity with an opponent. And now, for the first time, the Ballards are going up against each other on video – making their “fun” wrestling rivalry “seriously” public. After this bout was completed, the ex-pro wrestler owner of BG’s Arena in Long Beach looked at BG and said, “This may well have been the best pro-match you ever taped!” A high compliment indeed, and deservedly so, but not because of anything BG did, but because of the absolutely awesome wrestling performance exhibited by the Ballard Boys. With their speed, ability for acrobatics, incredible timing and the sheer fact they are totally familiar with each other’s style, these two do have the potential for becoming one of America’s premier lightweight tag teams. They could easily handle guys 20-25# bigger, because while Rikki seems a little reluctant (as the “nicer” guy of the two) to go for the jugular, Bret isn’t. He’s as “bad” as BG has ever seen. BG has seen many grapplers’ debuts, but none like these. BG thinks you’ll agree when you see this bout that even though they have a weak point or two to work on to achieve true superstar status, they put on one hell of a good match. As they put it to BG, “We’ll give you a good no-holds-barred bout.” For sheer excitement, acrobatics, back and forth wrestling action – not knowing until the last moment who is going to win, this match-up has to go down in BG history as a landmark. Both work out at Gold’s Gym and have superb physiques. What will they be like in two or three years when they start to mature? This match goes over 25 minutes to a full two out of three falls. Bret wears lime green Speedos and green pro boots, and Rikki appears in white Speedos and black pro boots. BG said it already, but it bears repeating – This match-up is absolutely awesome.

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