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RELEASE DATE: 4/6/2009

(Four Bouts)
Steve Starr: 5’10”, 185#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 33yo
Shane Steel: 5’9”, 190#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 30yo
Steve Starr appears in form fitting purple Speedos and white wrestling boots. Shane wears very hot red posing trunks and black wrestling boots. These are high brief-cut trunks designed to show off muscularity. Steve has a wonderful tan line, which nearly matches his briefs. These are two good-guy wrestlers, an even match-up. At the beginning of the first fall, they shake hands. Both engage in test of strength holds measuring each other’s capabilities. Starr comes out on top, and with few exceptions pretty much stays that way throughout the first fall. For those into a slow, deliberate style of pro wrestling, this is up your alley. Starr crotches and body slams Shane on several occasions, softening him up for the big power slam off the ropes. He rolls him up and Vic Silver counts Steel out. Starr wins the first fall by pin. In the second fall, Shane Steel finally shows us that he has some desire to win. In a continuation of a slow pace of wrestling, he comes up with some big body slams, hip tosses, small suplexes, and a camel clutch to extract a submission from Starr. It is all even 1-1. At the top of the 3rd fall both approach each other with respect. Once again they engage in a test of strength. This time it comes out even, but Starr gets first advantage with a small suplex. For the next several minutes the two grapplers engage in some pretty good give and take mat grappling. Both want to win, and in fact it is Shane Steel that starts to get overly rough, partly shedding his good-guy image. He throws Starr into the ropes, knees him once or twice. Starr gets clotheslined. Again Starr is thrown into the ropes. Shane Steel stands there waiting to give him either a knee or another clothesline, but look out! That is not what happens! A surprise ending, with Steel getting pissed off at the referee.

Roy Hastings: 6’1”, 208#, Blond hair, Green eyes, 22yo
Hussein: 5’10”, 208#, Black hair, Black eyes, 28yo
Both wrestlers are over 200#. And it is a very even match-up, with Hussein, built like a bull with huge pecs, giving up some height. Roy wears brief red Speedos, while Hussein wears black. A very verbally grunting Hussein comes on like a house of fire against Hastings. Big elbows smashes, bashing and rubbing Roy’s face into the wrestling mat. But Roy doesn’t take it lying down. He makes a wrestling comeback and proceeds to control Hussein with holds and throws. Hussein, when he does come back, does so with vengeance, elbow smashing, head and face bashing. But every time he does it is not long before Roy once again regains and retains control through good wrestling. In fact it becomes BG’s impression that while Hussein has the potential for being dangerous against any opponent with his strength and his willingness to wrestle dirty, Roy Hastings is more than a match for this grappler with his excellent wrestling ability. Roy has the capability to match a villain with villainy of his own, but in this first fall he out-wrestles Hussein completely and doesn’t have to resort to underhanded techniques. A Boston crab makes Hussein submit. We get a double bicep victory pose from Roy before he leaves the ring to take a break in the locker room between falls. It has all seemed so easy for this capable wrestler. The 2nd fall continues pretty much the same with Roy’s wrestling skills easily dominating Hussein. Hussein comes back once or twice, but Roy adds some face bashing of his own this time. Taking a groggy Hussein off the mat, Roy crotches Hussein twice and slowly back breaks him across his knee. He freezes Hussein the second tie across his knee making sure Hussein’s back hurts like hell. Hussein submits. Roy has clearly dominated this match from start to finish through his excellent wrestling skills.

Steve Sterling: 5’6”, 185#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 21yo
The Golden Boy: 5’11”, 165#, Blond hair, Brown eyes, 21yo
If there was one bout that BG wanted to have in Hollywood Musclehunk #4 it was clearly this dream match-up. You’ll be in visual heaven with this one. The Golden Boy appears in very brief blue trunks that leaves half his ass hanging out. And with an ass like The Golden Boy, this is highly desirable. He wears black pro boots. Steve Sterling appears in very brief red posing-type trunks and white wrestling boots. For those into extreme muscle definition without going to brutal muscular vascularity, this match-up is absolutely ideal. The muscle definition continuously pops out in the wrestling. Combine this with the very handsome faces, and this match will go down in BG history as one of the al-time favorites. The ending of the first fall is spectacular. Steve has thrown The Golden Boy into the ropes. He rushes him. The Golden Boy attempts to climb out of the ropes and get away from the charging Mr. teen America. Instead Steve grabs both of the Golden Boys arms, forces his back into the ropes, and clamps on a surfboard. The Golden Boy is bent backward in extreme pain. His crotch shots forward, and you’ll see the outline of something very juicy. A big elbow smash. A suplex over the top ring rope brings The Golden Boy back into the ring. Another surfboard has The Golden Boy painfully yelling out his submission again. This time Sterling accepts it. All the while The Golden Boy is flat on his stomach, those trunks stuck more than halfway up his ass exposing those golden globes. Steve Sterling stands up, flexes a double biceps victory pose and puts a boot on The Golden Boy’s lower back. The camera comes in for a close-up, fading in the process. If you don’t lost it somewhere in this sequence, then a medical examination of your libido is warranted. The Golden Boy is pissed. In a series of holds designed clearly for payback and not for winning, The Golden Boys creates pain for days. He surfboards Steve Sterling continuously and in many different ways. For those of you with freeze frame, and frame-by-frame advance on your VCR’s, this sequence will have you in muscle heaven. Finally an exhausted and pained Sterling is put into a Boston crab. BG figures he will submit, the combination of the surfboards and the pressure on Steve’s lower back might be too much. But amazingly Steve Sterling powers out of this hold and turns the tables on The Golden Boy. The Golden Boy continues pretty much in control, and even resorts to some of his boxing skills in an effort to bring Sterling to bay. Sterling definitely was weakened by those series of surfboards, so he is never quite able to stand up to The Golden Boy in this second fall. Finally The Golden Boy puts Sterling into a kind of arm bow and arrow and extracts a submission. This sets up the third and final fall. The Golden Boy opens up the 3rd fall trying to cave in Sterling’s washboard abs with some boxing punches. That is like trying to punch out the side of a concrete building. It doesn’t phase Sterling in the least. He throws a punch of his own and lays out The Golden Boy flat. Big body slams, flying elbows, full nelsons, knees, squeezing body scissors with those huge Sterling thighs, and front and rear bear hugs have The Golden Boy hanging limply within the big muscular arms of Mr. Teen America. The Golden Boy is thrown to the mat. Steve Sterling goes around back, clamps his arms around The Golden Boy’s middle and proceeds to give him a unique “on the mat” bear hug. The Golden Boy can’t take any more of this kind of pressure and submits. Steve Sterling stands up, flexes a victory pose for us, and leaves the ring in victory.

REFEREE: Cliff Conlin
Pin or Submission – Two out of three falls
Vic Silver: 5’8”, 175#, Black hair, Brown eyes, 31yo
Buddy Justice: 5’8”, 155#, Blond hair, Blue eyes, 25yo
Scott Randsome: 5’8”, 180#, Blond hair, Brown eyes, 18yo
Doug Avery: 5’10”, 185#, Brown hair, Hazel eyes, 28yo
The cameras opens up on the movie star face of referee Cliff Conlin. You can tell behind his ref’s shirt those shorts he is wearing that he is one muscular dude, and in fact this 20 year old is a personal weight and bodybuilding trainer. All the wrestlers are gathered in ring center as Conlin lets them know he is going to enforce the rules. He checks their boots for any foreign substances and the match starts. Randsome starts against Vic Silver. BG will tell you right up front that this bout is as wild and woolly as they come. The referee, in fact, ends up with barely any control as the wrestlers continually befuddle him until he doesn’t know who the legal man is at any given moment. In fact both Silver and Justice were ready to protest that Conlin was the ref until they realized that Conlin would be easy to handle. And in fact Conlin ends up pissing off all the wrestlers until at the end of this match they rip off and tear up his ref’s shirt (what a body), trash him, and throw him out of the ring. Generally mayhem then occurs with a free-for-all. Three wrestlers in this tag team match-up are unbeaten in recent videos: Buddy Justice, Vic Silver, and Doug Avery. Not one of the three want to lose. In a reversal in the first fall, the ref counts out Doug Avery. It appears that Avery’s shoulder was off the mat, but that doesn’t dissuade the ref from sticking to his final decision. Needless to say Avery and Randsome are hopping mad, and there is a highly steamed argument after the count. Up to that point the two sides wrestled on a fairly even basis, each giving as good as they took. Doug Avery is more than a match for Buddy Justice and when those two wrestlers go against each other, it is delicious indeed. In the second fall Scott Randsome gets double-teamed more than once in the Justice/Silver corner. Nice! The second fall is even more chaotic than the first if you can believe it. Cliff Conlin, the ref, is on the verge of losing control. A highlight in this fall is Silver and Justice being double-teamed clotheslined by Randsome/Avery. At one point Avery picks up Justice for a bog body slam and throws him over the top rope outside the ring. This sets up a flattened Justice for an over the shoulder backbreaker. With the ref keeping Silver at bay, Justice submits to Doug Avery. The third and final fall deteriorates into total chaos, but before it does there is some interesting grappling. Avery trashes Justice, then throws him into his own corner as if to say “bring on a better wrestler than this”. Silver obliges and the two trade off big chest punches. Silver loses this one to Avery who short clotheslines him, then chokes him on the mat with a boot to his throat. But eventually the wrestlers turn on the ref, strip and trash him. After several minutes of chaos, continuous bell ringing, the ref finally manages to say the words, “You’re disqualified”. At that point he has to run for his life with all four wrestlers chasing him. Fade out for the camera and perhaps for you, too. Where do the wrestlers get all this energy? An incredible display!

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