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CAST: Cliff Conlin, Kurtus Beefcake, Scott Randsome, Ted Shipp, Spike Dennison, Scottie Nguyen, Mike Pope, Steve Sterling, Jimmy Kim, Vic Silver


RELEASE DATE: 8/15/2008

Fortunately for the Beefcakes both Ted and Spike are rookies, making their wrestling debut. Nonetheless both represent a real threat to the Beefcakes due to their size and strength. The special threat is that enormous 19 year old Ted Shipp, 5’10”, 225#. Take a look at those mountainous pectoral muscles. BG has never seen such developed pecs on any teenager in his lifetime! BG understands that Ted has gained another 40# since doing this video – all muscle! Can you imagine him any bigger than this? Only in fantasies! His smaller tag team partner is no midget: At 5’8” and 190#, blond haired and blue eyed Spike Denison exactly matches the Beefcakes biggest beef: Randsome. Shipp and Denison represent a combined weight of 415#. The Beefcakes do not take this challenge lightly. BG must, though, give them the edge as both have had lots of ring experience, and especially Cliff Conlin – the hold knowledge to pull it off. If they can keep Shipp and Denison off their feet, on the mat, they’ve got a better chance of surviving this challenge. An indication of the potential Shipp threat takes place within the first two minutes of the bout. Ted Shipp and Cliff Conlin come out first for their teams. Ted (stuffed into the largest wrestling trunks BG had – but still couldn’t get off of his big ass in them) secures Cliff in an on the mat full nelson and then pulls him to his feet. He tags out, while Cliff kind of walks around in a daze, feeling the impact of the enormous Ted Shipp strength. The Beefcakes strategy is to isolate Spike as much as possible – beat up on him, soften him up, to use him to win the bout. This strategy fails miserably in the first fall as Ted Shipp catches Cliff Conlin in a series of alternating full nelsons and bear hugs. Conlin caves in the crush. The Beefcakes must fine-tune their strategy even more if they are to come back from the brink of disaster. There are some wonderful moments in this video which are visually etched into BG’s mind including: When Ted Shipp lefts Cliff Conlin way over his head and pitches him completely out of the ring; the double-teaming by both sides; the ring chaos when all four are battling in ring center. BAREFOOT ACTION WITH NO REF.

(Handicap 2 VS. 1 Action)
This bout, a kind of off-beat BG wrestling action, resulted from about on Hollywood Muscleboy #8 – Cliff Conlin vs. Scottie Nguyen. BG shared a mutual disgust, along with the two protagonists, over the way Mike Pope officiated as the referee, thus when a challenge was made and accepted by all parties, BG more than went along with it. The result: A 2 vs. 1 handicap bout with Mike Pope taking on two very good wrestlers. Mike, 5’9”, 195# and wearing red boots and red trunks with lots of newly packed on muscle comes into the ring threatening his two opponents by flexing his own enormous pecs – admitting to them he wrestles better than he refs. Cliff’s in blue trunks and black wrestling boots while Scottie’s in all white. Adhering to their agreement (at least for a little while) that not more than one wrestler on the Cliff/Scottie team will be in the ring at any time, Cliff starts off against Mike. You’ve really got to give Mike Pope credit through for his ability to absorb a lot of punishment, yet keep coming back time and again to control his two opponents. Some of the double-teaming and imaginative ways that Nguyen and Conlin get Pope into grappling trouble is very entertaining. There is a ring rope tie-up where Pope is punched, pulled, stretched. Eventually Pope is out maneuvered and he has. to finally admit, via a submission, that he took on more than he could handle.

Cliff Conlin takes on BG’s leading West Coast Superstar: Steve Sterling. A former Mr. Teen America, a 5’6”, 185# very muscular and now experienced grappler, wears yellow trunks and white wrestling boots. Cliff Conlin comes out in red trunks and black wrestling boots. To let Cliff know, in no uncertain terms, just what he is up against, Sterling gives him a powerful forearm across his back at the opening wrestlers clash. Conlin goes down – Splat on the mat! Conlin is then secured next to Sterling’s powerful biceps in a headlock. Conlin, in turn, shows Sterling just what he’s up against, when he lifts Steve into the air and brings his tailbone down on Cliff’s leg. Ouch! Steve runs around the ring clutching his ass in pain, looking at Conlin like this isn’t supposed to happen this way. The give and take, the stunning reversals, the pounding each wrestler receives and gives – all the way through the video – will have you on the highest BG plane of wrestling and visual enjoyment. Along the way there will be visual images that may stick with you long after you’ve seen this video as they did with BG. There is the camel clutch submission attempt in the first fall by Steve Sterling on Conlin. There is this wonderful close-up that will completely fill your television screen. Conlin’s in agony! His head and face are totally pressed up against and being mashed by Sterling’s huge pecs and enormously muscular arms. You’ll also get off on and remember the many body and head crushing scissor holds. The first fall is decided by a super abdominal stretch that has Conlin yelling his submission in total agony. But he comes back in the second with a banana or crotch split submission on Sterling. The last submission is a very unique over the shoulder bouncing and airplane-like spinning backbreaker.

At 6’1” and 193#, Jimmy Kim, BG’s first and very handsome Korean/American grappler is welcomed into the BGWF, and doubly so as a rookie because of the potential talent that BG had spotted. If the opening minutes of this match is any harbinger of things to come, Conlin’s in trouble. He’s completely mat outwrestled, so much so that when he finally is able to get up he records his displeasure with Kim via a vicious head butt. Kim comes back with an attempt to rough up Conlin in one of the ring corners. Conlin reverses and shows him what “roughing in the ring corner” can really be like. Kim isn’t shy about underhanded tactics, but Conlin (less and less shy about it himself) always tried to go him one better – a little rougher, a little dirtier. The pace of villainy picks up as the first fall moves towards the conclusion. Conlin is put into a full nelson. Suddenly he’s thrust across Jimmy’s outstretched thigh and bent over backwards. Conlin is in agony in this over the knee backbreaker. It’s just too much on his lower back area. He submits. From the start of the second fall, Conlin is just continuously and totally trashed. Is it going to be all over this quickly? Conlin does manage a reversal and he does secure a Boston crab on his opponent for a win, but in terms of villainy points and damage in this fall its BG’s opinion that Kin looked pretty good. It’s third fall time and it seems to BG survival time for Conlin. This fall is a shocking quickie. Conlin comes out and has the advantage first, but Kim reverses, trashed Conlin, and sees an opening for a quick victory. He slaps on, with great speed and authority a figure four leg hold. Conlin’s howling in agony and Kim’s asking him to give up? Will he?

One thing that makes this Hollywood Musclehunk #6 video so special is that, for the most part, the wrestling is do damn good. To round out what BG considers to be one of the best pro wrestling videos ever released, not only in terms of talent and holds but also in terms of hot looking visuals, BG had to setup a stunner for a conclusion. And, providentially, one appeared from an unexpected quarter. Having not seen or heard from Vic Silver for over a year, BG was not prepared when a call came from Vic wondering how the action was going in the BGWF. He had had some personal problems but told BG he had put on some new muscle and definition and was anxious as hell to participate in the action once more. The timing was impeccable, for BG was not only able to use him on this video against another superstar, Cliff Conlin, but he also took advantage of this new willingness to participate and took Vic to Canada to hone the wrestling skills of some of the newly discovered hot talent north of the border. These latest Canadian videos will be making their debut in the next catalog. Meanwhile as a promoter BG was thinking that a match between Conlin and Silver, with all their talent and skills, would be a bout made in wrestling heaven and indeed that is just what it turns out to be. Vic is currently undefeated. No one has ever won a match from Silver. A year ago, when Conlin was getting his feet wet in the BGWF, he would have been red meat to Silver – an easy and total squash. Now, with a lot of seasoning under his belt, with his willingness to be mean, and with a fire in the belly to win, Conlin is a big threat. The first fall, though, shows Conlin what he’s up against – in no uncertain terms. It’s back and forth action all the way, with first one wrestler, then the other having the advantage. All along the way we are highly entertained with some of the best wrestling action ever seen on video. Silver comes up with a stunning submission on Conlin, one that Silver has been saving from his vast repertoire of hold just for a special occasion. Remember the hold that George “The Animal” Steel used on his victims? It’s been awhile so don’t blame BG if his memory fades, but BG thinks it went like this: The victim would have an arm hammered. Then Steel would raise them high off the mat using that hammer as leverage. Jeez, that looked painful. Conlin finds out how much as Vic Silver does just that to him. A submission from Conlin under these circumstances is quick! As the 2nd fall starts you can obviously see Conlin is favoring his arm an shoulder. Silver notices it, too, and goes after it with a vengeance. Conlin, wanting to avoid a similar fate with his arm, does virtually anything to avoid it. He jumps out of the ring, running away, stalling as best he can. He bites, claws Silver. But Silver keeps returning like a bulldog to the task at hand. Finally, gaining the upper hand allowing blood circulation and time to return the full use of his arm and shoulder, Conlin turns the tables and proceeds to give Vic Silver a pro and a freestyle wrestling lesson, combining the best knowledge he has of the two types. But it isn’t easy to get a submission out of Silver. Many, many different holds are tried – all to no avail. Finally its due primarily to the weakening part of Vic’s lower back are that does him in, in an across the knee backbreaker – but it’s only because of the long series of different kinds of holds and potential submissions of which he’s been the victim. This stamina and ability of Vic to absorb punishment is amazing. The stage is set for the big showdown fall! BG won’t spoil the outcome for you, but for those who love cliffhangers this is definitely up your wrestling alley! An amazing bout put on by two truly talented grapplers.

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