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CAST: Jake Hammer, Mark E. Mark, Andrew Lane, Mason Storm, Lincoln Load, James Wellington, John Palmer,


RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2004

So many of you have written in praising Jimmy Dean’s down and dirty style, we checked him back into a Toronto hotel for another round of room wrestling! Favorites Lincoln Lode and Andrew Lane are back, along with Suits to Nuts studboy Mason Storm. Ordering in some fresh meat, too, Jimmy serves up the Can-Am debuts of sweet, big dicked Jake Hammer, sexy lothario Mark E. Mark, long and lean James Wellington, and big, beefy, John Palmer. Each are paired off and wrestle all over the room before showering, posing, and jacking off. Key moments include, Lane’s bondage suffering; Storm and Lode’s spirited bout - watch out for the ice bucket!; Hammer’s delightful handful of rock hard dick as he happily strokes off to his opponent’s flexing; and Wellington’s extra long posing section. You’ll want a late check out! (All matches nude, except Wellington vs. Palmer.

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